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Finding a Manufacturer for your Product

Finding a Manufacturer for your Product

When you decide to take your product invention to market, the Internet can make it easy to find a customer base who will purchase your product. However, before you go to far along the path of creating your eCommerce business, you need to figure out one important facet: the maker of your product. If you are only reselling products by other companies, then you do not need to worry as much about your manufacturer. You still want to ensure that whoever’s products you sell are top notch through finding reliable and high quality partners. However, when you are selling your own invention, then you must decide upon the right way to produce it. There are a few simple tips to help you figure out who should be your manufacturer.

images  Finding a Manufacturer for your Product


Planning is an important stage for picking the right manufacturer for your company. You will need to make a list of what you need and your priorities. Figure out the rubrics and way that your product can be created, including all supplies. Questions you should ask yourself is how the manufacturer will get the supplies, how much control do you want in the manufacturing process, and what priority location will have in your product and your company. For example, if you want to keep your product “mad in the U.S.A.,” then that will have to be a requirement for your manufacturing company. You should actually make a list of your needs and your budget, including the areas that are negotiable and which are not.


When it comes to selecting your manufacturer, you want to do your research to find the best equation and fit for your company. Do not rely on searching the Internet. You will find a great headway in your product manufacturing search; however, many manufacturing companies are not online, or at least do not have strong online presence and therefore would not be high ranked on an online search engine. Network with fellow business owners and attend trade shows. Research your industry, including all trade magazines and organizations. Going through these channels will most likely provide a richer pool of manufactures from which to choose. Unfortunately, there are some companies that end up being scams or just poor quality. Always do your research ahead of time to ensure the companies to which you submit a proposal are legit and high quality, saving you a headache further down the line.


Finally, it is time to create your proposal. You want to include your business plan, including all marketing and sells forecasts. As a start up, you will not have large numbers in order to impress, so your proposal is very important. You will want to spend time on ensuring that you have a top notch proposal. Furthermore, do not only submit your proposal to one place. Let them know that you are shopping around so there is an element of competition. Furthermore, it will help you ensure you get the best place to manufacture your product.

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