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Famous Plumbers: Video Gaming, Movie And Music Entertainment

Famous Plumbers: Video Gaming, Movie And Music Entertainment

If you think about plumbing you automatically think about pipes, drains, water systems, valves, fitting, boilers and everything related to heating and waste; but there are some more interesting facts that you should really be aware of. So, what might these interesting facts be? Well did you know that there are some famous plumbers out in the world, some celebrities hardly get mentioned for how their careers began and yet they have come into our lives in different ways over and over again!

Welcome to the top 3 famous plumbers:

Mario Brothers

famous plumbers Famous Plumbers: Video Gaming, Movie And Music Entertainment

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If you are a gaming fan, I am sure you would have heard of the famous Mario brothers called Super Mario and Luigi. These classic gaming characters go way back in history and are a popular team to have on your side when competing against other gamers. The Nintendo’s mascots appeared in the arcades back in the 80’s, Luigi was created when Donkey Kong was a hit and when Mario and Luigi came along the fans went wild with excitement; Shigeru Miyamoto designed the perfect gaming characters with unique storylines and features. The Italian plumbers as we know them lived happily in the mushroom Kingdom and went on to dominate our world of gaming. Playing these plumbers in role playing games is such fun and brings a whole new vision to what plumbing is about; it’s not so dull!

Bob Hoskins

famous plumbers1 Famous Plumbers: Video Gaming, Movie And Music Entertainment

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From video gaming to movie entertainment, Bob Hoskins was a plumber. You may remember Bob well for the amazing animated movie called “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, which was a massive hit and had great reviews for Bob. What is funny is that Bob also went on to star as the fictional gaming character of Mario for the Super Mario Bros movie in 1993; amazing how his background of plumbing all linked into his movie career. Now Bob Hoskins has recently announced that his movie career is over as he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and will now be resting up; gone are the days of plumbing and playing Super Mario although Bob regrets having played Super Mario and in his words he said it was actually the worst thing he had done! Bob Hoskins will be remembered for some of his other great movies though and more recently will be remembered for his role in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Ozzy Osbourne

famous plumbers2 Famous Plumbers: Video Gaming, Movie And Music Entertainment

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Now on to the music industry and did you know that Ozzy was once a plumber! Yes, Ozzy Osbourne the heavy metal English well known rocker was once a plumber’s assistant. This rocking plumber is now worth in excess of $90 million; can you believe the plumber turned rocker is now rolling in with the money and a big hit celebrity with a crazy family who are all in the public eye. The world of plumbing led Ozzy on to marrying Sharon Osbourne and then having two kids who you would have heard; Kelly and Jack Osbourne. This is not a dull family and where there is noise there is fire; drug and alcohol abuse as well as controversial stories.

Author: Many thanks to the plumbing team at who created this top list; Plumbing can be entertaining as you can see!


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