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Board Meetings And Mom’s Care: How to Manage Both

Board Meetings And Mom’s Care: How to Manage Both

ALLPICS 3 GEN Board Meetings And Moms Care: How to Manage Both

Board Meetings And Mom’s Care: How to Manage Both

You may have a very close relationship with your mother. She may be your friend, confidante, and strength that you draw near to during times of crises. However, her strength may not be enough to help you when you decide to provide for her care during her senior citizen years.

In fact, you may be left to draw on your own inner strength and cleverness as you figure out how to balance your mother’s care with your burgeoning professional career. Rather than allow your responsibilities to be stacked and balanced haphazardly and waiting for the pieces of your personal and professional life to fall into ruins, you can take these steps now to strike the perfect balance between caring for your aging mother and tending to your own personal and professional life.
L-R Leslie Reuter and 96 years old Mom Billie Wilma Grace Baird in Bogart, GA, 22 Jan. 2009

Rely on Outside Help

If you try to take care of the many tasks surrounding your mother’s care all by yourself, you will quickly find that you are not invincible. There is no plausible way that you can work all day long, take care of your own household, and then manage all of the tasks that go into taking care of your mom. Rather than stretch yourself to the limit, you must rely on outside help. You can hire a quality in-home health care service to take care of your mother throughout the day, allowing you time to focus on your career and stay on top of your professional goals with the assurance that your mother is being well taken care of by professional caretakers.

Delegate Responsibility

If you have siblings, cousins, older children, or other relatives who are capable of helping with your mom’s care, it would not be out of the question for you to delegate some of the responsibility to them. While you work, you could appoint someone else to take your mother shopping, to the doctor’s office, or to a physical therapy appointment. Knowing that the smaller tasks that go into caring for your mother have been address20120621 PR DOL WOMENed by a trusted relative can give you the peace of mind to focus on being a professional, mom, and wife.

Schedule Yourself Carefully

If you try to take on too much during the day, you will eventually reach a point where you cannot take any more responsibility. If your mother is cognizant and capable of understanding what you are telling her, you must explain to her that you need to schedule times when you are available to help her. You must decide when you can take care of her when you are not at work or attending your children’s school and extracurricular events or taking care of your family. This scheduling will indeed cut down on the spontaneity and surprise in your life. However, it can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your responsibilities are scheduled and that your priorities have been made clear to everyone.

These suggestions can help you balance taking care of your mother and maintaining your professional and family responsibilities. You may quickly realize that her care is something that you cannot maintain all by yourself.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and designer. Her mother turned 86 this year. She is still in great shape but is showing signs of slowing down. Her family will have to look into providing home health care in the future should she need it.

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