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A Time To Play: Why It Matters

A Time To Play: Why It Matters

ALLPICS BABY PLAYING A Time To Play: Why It Matters

A Time to Play: Why It Matters

Parents often buy their playthings for their toddlers without recognizing the educational value that can be found in toys that are designed specifically for this age group. Aside from providing hours of entertainment, toys made for toddlers can foster a lifetime of learning and make use of this early educational window in young children’s lives. With that, it can be just as important for parents to give some forethought to the educational value in their children’s toys as they choose and buy playthings for their youngsters.

When they consider what toys to buy for their toddlers, parents should realize the benefits that can be enjoyed by investing in the best playthings for this age group.

Toddlers Toys and Eye Hand Coordination

Toddler hood is a time when little ones practice and begin to perfect their motor skills. Perhaps the most crucial skill that tends to be developed during these formative includes eye hand coordination. Now able to control their hand and finger movements, toddlers begin to make the association between what they see and what they can grasp, move, and otherwise control with their hands and fingers.

When parents want to foster hand eye coordination in their toddlers, they are encouraged to invest in toys that allow their young ones to practice this skill. Toys like building blocks, stackable cups, and toys that have control buttons all are perfect for building eye hand coordination in this age group.

Associative Play and Toddler Toys

Toddler hood is also a time when toddlers learn about the world around them. During these formative years, they learn important skills that help them tune in to their senses and use their senses to gauge the world around them. While most adults take sensory skills for granted, it is vital that toddlers learn seemingly mundane facts like what a cow says or what sound a police car makes. Toddlers can sense and gauge the world around them through associative play.

Toys that make animal noises, car sounds, mimic the weather, have textured surfaces, contain scents, and other sensory stimulation can help little ones in this age group develop important skills that will help them grow and learn about their surroundings.

Toddlers Toys and Preschool Readiness

Toddlers are on the cusp of being ready to go to school. Before parents know it, it will be time to send their little ones off to preschool or kindergarten. Choosing the right toys can be important if parents want their toddlers to learn their ABCs and the basics of counting before they enter the first year of school. Storybooks, videos, and toys that count or recite the alphabet can all be great resources for providing both entertainment and early education basics. As they play with these toys, toddlers will learn to count to 10, or possibly higher. They may also memorize the entire alphabet before they are ready to go to preschool.

Toys for toddlers can provide benefits that go well beyond entertainment. Parents who want to provide their toddlers with the best educational opportunities during these early years may be advised to consider the educational value behind their children’s playthings as they shop for and choose toys for their young ones.

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