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5 Tips For Perfect Speaker Positioning

5 Tips For Perfect Speaker Positioning

1. Avoiding ‘boomy’ bass

When you have just spent a lot of your hard earned money buying some new speakers, the last thing you want to do is to place them incorrectly and find your bass sounds too ‘boomy’. To avoid this, you need to place your speakers away from the walls of the room; about 2 or 3 feet should be your absolute minimum. This will not only ensure your sound is a lot sharper but will also keep your bass sounding beautifully deep.

2. Experimental positioning

It is always a good idea to try a wide variety of different positions for your speakers before you decide on a definite placement. Whilst you are experimenting, try to remember to avoid placing speakers in corners, otherwise you will find you don’t get the best sound. Persevere with placing your speakers at different points in the room and also try out lots of different audio with varying levels of bass. This will ensure you find out exactly where the best placement of speakers is, in order to get the right audio levels.

3. Finding the sweet spot

Your experimenting will hopefully lead you towards finding the ‘sweet spot’. However, to help you out a bit, it is usually a good plan to start by making an equilateral triangle with your speakers and your listening point (i.e. where you tend to sit or stand in the room). You should then seat yourself at the apex of the equilateral triangle you are making with your speakers. You really need to make sure the speakers are equidistant away from you (at the apex) and are both angled equally too. If you take the time to do this correctly, you will find you enjoy the sound performance a great deal more.

4. Placing the speakers at ear level

It is always recommended to make sure the speakers are placed so that the tweeters (producing the high-frequency sounds) are at ear level. This means you will need to raise your speakers, if they are too low, by using speaker stands. Likewise, if they are already on stands and are too high, you will either need to find a way to point them downwards or remove the speakers from the stands. It’s important to get the speakers at the right height because having them at ear level will give you the best balance of sound. If your speakers are too low or too high you will find you miss higher frequencies, which isn’t ideal.

5. Use speaker stands

If you want the very best sound, and no doubt you do, then when buying your speakers, you should ensure you also invest in some high quality stands. Using metal, or wooden, stands will ensure better quality of sound as they reduce unwanted resonance. It’s also a very good idea to use any of the cones or spikes that come with your speakers or speaker stands. Using these will help reduce the amount of ‘kickback’ produced by your speakers. You’ll find this greatly improves the speakers’ performance as the sound will be a lot less muddied.

James writes for Tellurium Q Black Cables. When not writing, he can often be found listening to music with his ears way too close to the speakers.

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