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5 Mistakes To Avoid During A Divorce

5 Mistakes To Avoid During A Divorce

Is divorce the best option? Are you strong and confident enough to handle the process of divorce especially when there are children involved? Getting a divorce is a very tough decision to make and sometimes you just wish that someone could advise you what to do. Whether you like it or not the only person who can decide to push through with a divorce or not is you. Perhaps, you have gone through a hundred divorce articles and internet forums hoping to find the right way to handle the situation, but nothing seems right to you. The following are 5 common mistakes to avoid when you are in the process of getting a divorce.

1. Taking Action Without Any Planning

Just as there are various ways to improve your chances of success in divorce, there are also various ways you can damage them. When you are still hurting over the events that led to your filing for a divorce or your spouse asking for a divorce, reckless decisions can be made. Divorce is a very serious matter which is life altering especially for your children, so planning all your moves is a necessity. Before you decide to do anything, always consult with your lawyer, a custody advisor or your financial planer so you get professional opinions which are often to your advantage.

2. Being Financially Unprepared

If you do not have money, find ways to get some. You can lend from family and friends, get credit cards and sell your personal belongings that you do not really need. Get a job if you are unemployed. You will need money as you prepare for divorce, because you need the funds to pay for a well experienced and reliable lawyer and finances that can support you through the excruciating process of divorce and after. Prepare your finances by spending less and saving more immediately.

3. Resign From Your Job And Leave Town

When you decide to leave your job, you lose your source of income. When you leave town, you may be presented with a court order to move back. As a result of such irrational behavior and lack of planning, you end up without any money and a secure home and get reprimanded by the court.

4. Being Childish, Reckless And Desperate Towards Your Spouse

The process of divorce can turn you into a very bitter, angry and frustrated individual. As such, writing and sending harsh letters, text messages and emails can relieve some of the stress and pent up emotions you have been hoarding, but be prepared. Your spouse’s lawyer will take the opportunity to humiliate you through those letters, emails and messages you had sent, by saving them and presenting them during court hearings. This can leave a very bad impression about you in court.

5. Settling For Less Thinking That You Can Demand More In The Future

Remember that you have the chance to demand for what you deserve right now and not in the future. Whatever you settle for now, might be forever, because there are some judges who do not wish to correct court orders made by the previous judge who had resided over a divorce case, unless necessary. Demand for what you know will make you happy in the long run right now, because this may be the only chance you can get.

Valerie Terger is a freelance writer specializing in a variety of legal topics. She offers legal information related to child custody, separation and divorce issues, while providing tips on what mistakes to avoid when filing for divorce. Learn more about the process of divorce and the need for an experienced divorce lawyer here.


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