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5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

If you are a creative person and you don’t want a normal office job you might feel like you don’t know what to do. Expressing yourself is really important to you and you want your future career to be something where you are able to do this.

If you are looking for a future career where creativity is the key then here are five different options for you to consider.

1. Photographer

careers you can show creativity 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

A great option for expressing yourself through your career is to get into photography. There are a lot of different niche areas in photography that you could get into. For instance, if you also love animals you can develop your skills as a nature photographer or perhaps work for a news organisation and travel to conflict areas.

There are a lot of different ways to get into photography and different ways to use your artistic skills. If you love to travel then this is a great option to consider.

2. Animation

A big growing industry today is the field of animation and there are a lot of great creative career options in the field. It is a great way to show your artistic skills and can also allow you to tell stories through your work.

Skill Set website has a good section about animation that you should read before you decide if this career option is the right one for you. In order to become a good animator you also need to be good with technology and thus career in animation might be a great idea if you’re creative and love computers.

3. Writer

careers you can show creativity1 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

The written word is one of the oldest ways that people have been expressing themselves with and there are a lot of career routes in the literature world. You could become a novelist, a poet or even a screenwriter among other things.

If you love writing and you are always thinking about new storylines then it is a good idea to seek out a career in this field. The best way to get in the business and to develop your skill is to start writing as much as possible from an early on.

4. Jewellery Maker

Another artistic career choice where you can use your design skills is to become a jewellery maker. This is really interesting option because it also allows you to use your crafting skills and is a very hands on profession.

Getting into the business might be a bit more difficult and you need to work hard to make it as a successful jewellery maker. It is a good idea to learn to craft with different materials and to look at different jewellery online, such as bone cufflink and tungsten ring. If you have design ideas why not send them to big jewellery companies, such as Tungsten Men Online.

5. Make-Up Artist

careers you can show creativity2 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

If you love beauty and you are always thinking of ways to enhance it then why don’t you consider becoming a make-up artist. This is a great option if you love to spend time with people and this career can take you around the world.

It also allows you a lot of flexibility since you can work in the theatre, TV industry or even in fashion.

Nick loves to help young people find their dream careers and is especially interested in the creative industries. He loves to write poems and is also venturing into songwriting. When he isn’t talking with youngsters or writing new songs he loves to spend time with his girlfriend.

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