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4 Of The Worst Kinds Of Car Vandalism

4 Of The Worst Kinds Of Car Vandalism

How bold does one have to be to spray-paint a vehicle which was parked in a public area? You might be surprised to realize that car vandalism is not uncommon. Today, more and more car owners report car vandalism incidents- in worst cases, these incidents even happened in broad daylight.

car vandalism 4 Of The Worst Kinds Of Car Vandalism

While most automotive vandals are not quite ruthless, there are still some cases that make the act more personal and can lead to huge repair costs. Keying, slashed tires, and broken windows are just a few of the most common vandalism cases. Here are a few of the most awful cases of car vandalism.

Deli Meat On Paint: The act of painting a vehicle and adding slices of deli meat on top of the paint may seem like a funny idea to some people. Unfortunately, this can lead to huge repair costs. Putting a piece of deli meat onto the paint and leaving it on for hours will cause the preservatives to react to the paint. This will cause the paint to strip when the deli meat is pulled off the automobile.

Dented: As if smashing mailboxes is not enough for vandals, they also want to smash vehicles that are parked out on the road. Some of these vandals use their fist, a wrench, or a baseball bat to damage and dent the vehicle. These people either find this act amusing or they find it necessary to express their negative emotions through damaging other people’s property.

Keyed Paint: This is a very common form of car vandalism, but it is still considered as one of the most awful cases. This act is very easy to commit. In fact, vandals can even commit the crime in broad daylight with many people watching. Some vandals even carve disrespectful and racist messages into the paint. Unfortunately, the consequences of this act fall upon the owner of the vehicle since they will have to pay huge costs to repair the damage.

Gas Tank Prank: There are also some cases wherein vandals mess with the car’s gas tank. For instance, they might place sugar in the tank, or they might drain all the gas from the vehicle. But one of the most dangerous gas tank pranks is putting a towel in the tank and setting it on fire.

What To Do When Your Car Has Been Vandalized?

Once you find out that your automobile has been vandalized, you need to keep calm and report the incident. Here are a few tips for reporting the incident to the police.

  • Call the nearest police station or go to the station in person.
  • If possible do not disturb the car or the scene where the crime was committed.
  • You also need to take pictures of the damage done or make a video.
  • You must also bring with you your vehicle registration, your license number, and other important documents.
  • Provide the police enforcer all the details you can remember about when, where, and how the incident happened.

After reporting the incident to the police, you must then file an insurance claim. Your insurance provider may cover the damages. The police can provide you with a report or incident number which you will then need to present to your insurance provider.

Having your car vandalized is bad enough, but without the right automobile insurance, you might face hefty repair costs. This can turn into a financially-draining situation. Remember that vandalism falls under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy; thus, make sure that it is covered when purchasing insurance.

The author, Kris Benette, has been a victim of car vandalism; thus, she now offers tips for handling such cases. She also recommends gettingĀ auto insurance since it can lower the costs of damages.

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