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4 Deadly Teen Driving Trends: What Every Parent Should Know

4 Deadly Teen Driving Trends: What Every Parent Should Know

APICS DEAD DRIVING 4 Deadly Teen Driving Trends: What Every Parent Should Know

4 Deadly Teen Driving Trends: What Every Parent Should Know

Teenagers often believe that they have their lives under control and that they are immune to the many dangers that are in the world. Their belief that they are invincible often influences their driving habits and their choices of activities while they are out with their friends. Many teenagers die each year because they do not take the time to think about how these activities are endangering themselves and those around them. Before parents allow their teenage children to get behind the wheel of a car, they should warn them about the dangerous activities that could cause them permanent injury or even lead to their deaths.

1. Car Surfing

Car surfing has always been a popular teenage driving activity; however, recent movies and music videos have shed new light on this dangerous pastime. Teenagers love to mimic what they see in the media and believe that they can enjoy the same fun as the actors and musicians in these videos and films. Whether you ask a Los Angeles state trooper or a Chicago injury lawyer, you will hear that teens fail to realize the actual speed at which their vehicles will travel. Many teens fall off and die each year because of their failed attempts at car surfing.

Anti-Cell Phone Bumper Sticker Idea2. Texting And Driving

Most teenagers today have cell phones. Their parents give them phones to keep tabs on them and also to provide them with a way to summon help in emergencies. However, many teens spend more time talking to and texting their friends than they do talking to their parents. Furthermore, despite laws that prohibit cell phone use while driving, many teens still text continuously while driving on busy roads and highways. Thousands of teenagers each year are injured or killed because of this behavior. Many times, the texts are brief, random messages that could have waited until the drivers had parked or arrived at their destination. Cell phone use continues to bring many teenager drivers’ young, vibrant lives to an abrupt end.

3. Substance Abuse

Teenagers are known for trying out illegal substances and experimenting with smoking and drinking. While smoking tobacco can cause them to suffer dire health problems, smoking marijuana, crack, heroin and other substances can cause them to get high very rapidly. The same level of toxicity can rapidly be gained when teens drink alcoholic beverages or induldge in a deadly new trend of “vaping.” This trend is where teens smoke or “vape” alcohol by using an electronic cigarette as a tool. This enables the alcohol to go directly to the bloodstream, causing a higher level of intoxication.

Teenagers who then drive under the influence put themselves at risk of crashing and endangering their own lives, as well as the lives of those around them. Parents are encouraged to remain vigilant about their teens’ potential drug and alcohol problems. Teenaged drunk driving and driving under the influence continue to be problems that society struggles to address.

4. Ghost Riding

Ghost riding is another scary activity in which many teens take delight. This reckless pastime involves teen drivers getting out from behind the wheels of their cars and climbing on top on the vehicle while it is still moving. With no one controlling the car, many ghost riding teenagers crash and get killed each year. Parents should strictly forbid this activity and warn against its dangers.

Teenagers believe that they are immune from harm. Their false bravado often carries over into their driving habits. Parents are encouraged to take every precaution to help their teen avoid these dangerous pastimes and teach their teenagers how to be safe drivers.

Having a nephew rapidly approaching the legal driving age helps Nadine Swayne understand the importance of sharing this article. A Chicago injury lawyer will offer a free consultation to evaluate your case if your teen has been a victim of a dangerous driving trend and will fight to help you gain the financial compensation deserved.

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