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Workplace accidents: Know your rights to make sure you’re safe on the job.

Workplace accidents: Know your rights to make sure you’re safe on the job.

Since over one million people suffer from injuries or other workplace accidents, it is essential to comprehend personal rights. At work, an employer has the legal duty to protect all employees and explain health and safety issues. They must also report accidents that occur. In the end, a person is entitled to paid sick time that is due from an accident at work.

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The latest HSE numbers for 2011-12 explain that:

  • Over one million people suffer from illness that is related to work
  • Just fewer than 200 workers will be killed at work
  • RIDDOR has reported over 100,000 other employee injuries
  • Over 212,000 injuries occurred at work and caused more than a three day absence
  • 27 million work days were lost because of workplace injury and illness
  • Injuries and illness in the workplace cost almost £13.4 billion

Reporting a Work Related Injury

When an injury occurs at work, it must be recorded in the company’s accident record book. This book will be beneficial to employees because it provides information for proper compensation. It will also help an employer understand what happened and the correct actions to take to stop similar accidents down the road.

Under RIDDOR, an employer must report all work related accidents, illness, or anything dangerous to the local authorities. For instance, it is essential to report deaths, major injuries, other dangerous issues, or anything that comes between an employee and everyday duties for more than three days.

Even though this reporting must be completed by an employer, it is also smart for an employee to keep records as well. It is important for an employee to follow up and make sure the incident was correctly reported as well. It will help to uncover the responsible party.

Who Is Responsible?

Besides reporting work accidents and illnesses, an employer should also have a risk assessment system in place. This will assure that everything is taken care of to protect the health and safety of others. This includes the selection of first aid equipment and the number of people responsible for supplying aid. These people do not have to be paid extra, but certain companies do offer incentives.

Sick Pay

Many times, a person may need time off due to a workplace accident. In these times, a person will have the right to obtain Statutory Sick Pay. An employer must have a plan of pay for sick leave or other means of compensation.



After a person has been hurt at work, it may be time to file a claim for compensation. This must be made within three years of the accident. Unions may supply legal representation or a person will need to hire a personal attorney. Law states that all employers must have insurance to cover claims of this nature.


What To do When An Accident Happens At Work?

To begin, a person must record the accident and make sure it has been properly reported. It is wise to check the contract to understand how pay will be handled. In times of a dispute, it will be necessary to talk with an employer. You will then need to find a solicitor from your area that can help you through such proceedings. A simple internet search such as: ‘personal injury solicitors, Manchester’ should provide you with efficient results that you can research around.

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