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Was The Accident Your Fault? Knowing Whether You Should Pursue Compensation

Was The Accident Your Fault? Knowing Whether You Should Pursue Compensation

If you have had an accident recently that’s left you incapacitated or cost you money, then the thought of compensation may be one that gives you some comfort. While most of us would of course rather that the accident hadn’t happened in the first place, getting a little financial aid to cover some of the associated costs can be a great way to make things a little more manageable again and to provide something of a silver lining.

Of course though, getting compensation from an organisation is only an option if you think that the accident genuinely happened due to their neglect. If the accident was your own fault then this is not only immoral but may also prove fruitless if you end up losing your court case and spending a lot of money in the process.

Thus it is very important to try and ascertain for certain whether or not an accident was your responsibility before you try to get compensation. Here we will look at some of the ways you can tell whether using an injury lawyer is an option or not.

Accidents That Are Your Fault

An accident that is your fault is any accident that happens purely through your own lack of attention or hurry. If you were running or being careless then the accident will probably have been your fault. At the same time if an accident happened due to an existing condition you have or your own weakness, then this may not be your ‘fault’ as such but nor is it anyone else’s. If you should have fallen over because you had a twinge in your leg for instance then this isn’t something you can seek compensation for.

In other words then, if there is no external factor causing the accident, then it is your fault. Another situation in which you shouldn’t try to get compensation is when you weren’t following guidelines. For instance then falling down the stairs isn’t anyone’s fault but yours if you were jumping down them three at a time or running up them carelessly – though this is a little more contentious as there is a blurry arbitrary line to be drawn here.

When It’s Not Your Fault

An accident is clearly not your fault though if it was caused by the environment when you were behaving normally. If you were walking down the stairs for instance and slipped on a wet patch that wasn’t clearly sign posted, or if you were to sit on a chair which then collapsed, this would be the fault of the business owning the land. Likewise if you were walking through the middle of a restaurant and you bumped into a table that was jutting out into one of the ‘traffic lanes’ then this too might have been the fault of the restaurant owner.

Things like sharp edges in traffic lanes is something that is covered by health and safety so it may even be that the company did not meet health and safety requirements. If you are unsure though, call your personal injury lawyer and they will consult with you on the matter.

Author of this post, Jack Blake is a physiotherapist in Atlanta. He believes in coming up with unique ways to help his patients recover from an accident or injury. He also stresses on the importance of a compensation claim, as it helps in easing the financial requirements which arise after an accident.

car crash Was The Accident Your Fault? Knowing Whether You Should Pursue Compensation

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