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The Impact of a False Accusation on your Reputation

The Impact of a False Accusation on your Reputation

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A false accusation can do more damage to your reputation and your entire life than any mistake you may have ever made. How is this possible?

Everyone makes mistakes. However when those mistakes are openly acknowledged or we are caught with our hands in the proverbial “cookie jar,” it is out in the open. This allows people to feel more comfortable about the event. Sadly, when a person is falsely accused of something, it implies that the act was done in secret and was meant to be kept secret, and in most people’s minds this means it was bad. It is all about perception.

When False Accusations Take a Turn for the Worst

A false accusation is also known as Defamation of Character in many cases. In this instance the intended purpose is to ruin the good name of another person by making  false statements and insisting said statements are true.

This type of action could be something as simple as an elderly person incorrectly making false accusations about their caregiver. However, it can be something as serious as the scenario in the recent Casey Anthony case. In this unfortunate event, Ms. Anthony accused a woman named Zenida Gonzalez of being the last person to care for her missing child.

This statement eventually was proven to be false. In actuality, Ms. Anthony pulled this name out of thin air. Sadly, an actual woman by the name of Zenida Gonzalez lived in the area and suffered greatly from this false accusation. Due to this ordeal, she  is currently suing for defamation of character.

Seeking Legal Help to Clear Your Name

In most cases, a false accusation is associated with criminal activity. As shown above in the reference to Zenida Gonzalez, Ms. Gonzalez was accused of being the last person to care for a missing child. This accusation implied that she contributed to this disappearance.

Regrettably, her life and good name were destroyed by this accusation. She eventually had to resort to  consulting a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to help sort through the mire this traumatic experience had caused.

This particular case unfolded in Florida but it could happen anywhere. No city or state is immune to this shameful offense. Regardless of whether victims seek the help of a criminal lawyer Orlando Florida firm or an L.A. law group, the fact still remains; your legal rights have been violated and justice should be served accordingly.

Tips to Prepare for Your legal Journey

  • Choose a criminal defense attorney that specializes in false accusations and defamation of character issues.
  • Provide the attorney with all the information surrounding these accusations, and any chain of events that may have led to your name being used in such a manner
  • Be prepared to explain why these accusations are false
  • Reveal the damage this has caused in your own life and the life of your family.

With all of facts and necessary information, your attorney can complete further research and build a case against the person who made these defamatory remarks.

It is imperative to take these types of false accusations seriously. One lie can ruin your life, your career, and your future. As in the case of Ms. Gonzalez, she has had to relocate, change careers, and even disassociate herself from her past relationships because of one false accusation made by a troubled young woman.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and blogger. She contributes this article to discuss the dangerous impact false accusations can have on a reputation. Katz and Phillips, P.A is a criminal lawyer Orlando Florida firm who has dedicated years to defending victims of character assassination and false accusations.


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