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The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

As an employee you need to have worker’s compensation benefits designed for different purposes. The benefits included in your worker’s compensation can cover various medical care aspects such as health care costs, disability coverage, rehabilitation expenses and restitution for lost wages. As a matter of fact, your immediate family members can receive benefits if you unfortunately die in a work related accident. Sadly, not all employees are aware that they have the right to worker’s compensation and due to their lack of knowledge are unable to receive any benefits. When your company fails to comply with your right to worker’s compensation benefits for medical care, disability, rehabilitation or even death, the assistance of a lawyer is necessary.

  • Benefits Under Medical Or Health Care

Through your worker’s compensation, you can have your medical and hospital expenses paid for as long as you were injured at work or even on the road as long as it was during work hours. Though the coverage amount will vary from state to state, the common expenses covered for are doctor consultations, medical expenses and surgery costs, as well as special equipments such as wheelchairs. However, compensation does not usually cover acupuncture and therapy.

  • Rehabilitation Benefits

The expenses for physical therapy or rehabilitation will be covered by your worker’s compensation if they are deemed crucial to your complete recovery. The benefits for rehabilitation are designed to cover all the needed therapy to restore mobility, thus allowing you to continue working and perform all your duties. However, if your injuries are so severe making it impossible for you to return to work, these benefits can be provided for occupational evaluations, education and training to allow you to find another job where your injuries will not be a hindrance.

  • Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are meant to compensate for the loss of wages while you were unable to return to work. The benefits are usually provided in different increments based on the severity of your injuries or if you are unable to perform the duties required in your occupation. They will be based on 2/3 of your wages earned before you got injured and you will not be taxed on the benefits to be received. The different types of disability that your benefits will be based on are –

  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Death Benefits

If your injuries lead to death, your immediate family members – spouse, children or parents, can receive death benefits from your worker’s compensation. The benefits are meant to provide restitution for burial and funeral costs, as well as to compensate for loss of income and support. This is very crucial especially when your family members are financially dependent on you.

Are You Eligible For Worker’s Compensation Benefits As An Employee?

It is important to understand that not all employees who file a claim can receive benefits for their injuries. Only employees who sustain work related injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, regardless of who was to blame for the injuries. The injuries may be sustained at the workplace, while doing a business errand, on a business trip or at a conference. If you choose to accept your benefits, you waive your right to sue your employer for negligence.

different compensation benefits you are The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

Valerie Lee is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal issues concerning employment. She offers valuable information for the benefit of employees such as worker’s compensation. Click here to find out about the various benefits covered by worker’s compensation that you have the right to as an employee.


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