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The Classification And Treatment Of Sex Offenders

The Classification And Treatment Of Sex Offenders

Sex crimes have risen through the years and this has created alarm in many communities nationwide. Anyone who has committed and been convicted of a sex offense is a sex offender. Sex offenders are classified by the degree of danger they pose to the public and the risk of committing the same offense in the future. The laws covering sex offenders consist of assisting the victims during the criminal proceedings and informing the general public as protection against sex offenders residing in their neighborhoods. For sex offenders to regain a second chance at living a normal life they are offered sex offender treatment which is a rehabilitation program that aims to stop their abusive behaviors and become responsible for their actions.

classification treatment sex offenders The Classification And Treatment Of Sex Offenders

The Four Levels Of Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are classified by four levels which are based according to their dangerousness and potential to commit sex crimes again.

Level 1 – Low Risk Offender

This level indicates that the offender carries a low risk of re-offense and that information about the offender will not be available to the general public. Information about the offender will only be available to the authorized parties for law enforcement purposes. Treatment for this type of offender is often successful.

Level 2 – Moderate Risk Offender

This type of offender carries a moderate risk of re-offense and necessary information about the offender will be available to the general public through the registry board. Treatment for this type of offender is sometimes successful.

Level 3 – High Risk Offender

The risk of re-offense is high and the need for the general public to be informed about the offender is crucial. Thus, information will be available through the registry board. Treatment is often unsuccessful.

Level 4 – Sexually Violent Predator

This is the most dangerous of all sex offender classifications and detailed information involving the specific sexually violent crime committed and mental illness will be accessible through the registry board. Though treatment can be sought, the chance of success is low and the risk of re-offense is still great.

The Sex Offender Registry Board

Sex offenders in many states are required by law to register with the Sex Offender Registry Board for the reference of concerned citizens. This is where all personal information about offenders, such as names, aliases and date of birth are available for public viewing. Other information includes home and work addresses, photographs, details of the sex crime committed and the sex offender’s classification. Offenders who move to a new state must register within two days and failure to register on time and provide correct or complete information will result in six months detention at a county house of correction.

Help For Sex Offenders

It is important for sex offenders to have a reliable criminal lawyer to consult with in case of emergencies. A well experienced lawyer is also useful if the sex offender is not familiar with how to register in the Sex Offender Registry Board of a state he will be residing in. Aside from legal assistance, a resourceful lawyer can help a sex offender seek medical treatment with the hopes of putting an end to the behavior that triggers sex crimes. These treatments are available in both public and private institutions with the intention of helping offenders to –

  • Develop healthy sexual attitudes and behavior
  • Accept full responsibility for his behavior and address denial
  • Identify and decrease manipulative behavior patterns
  • Recognize own risk factors and develop a plan to prevent abuse
  • Understand how his behavior harms others and himself
  • Explore his past in case of childhood sexual victimization

Valerie Clearwater is a freelance writer specializing in criminal crimes and sex offender laws. Click here for more legal information about sex offenders and the treatment offered to them.

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