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Qualities Your Personal Injury Attorney Should Have

Qualities Your Personal Injury Attorney Should Have

When you’ve been injured in an accident whether in the workplace, on the road or in someone’s home, you need to find a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. After seeking medical attention, choosing an attorney should be your very next step. With so many attorneys touting their services in commercials and advertisements, it’s difficult to know who to trust with your legal needs. You need to find a lawyer who is sympathetic to your situation who can best represent your case. Here are five qualities your personal injury attorney should have.

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Background and Experience

The first thing you should ask any attorney that you’re considering to represent your personal injury case is about his or her educational background and professional experience. It’s a good sign when someone has gone to one of the top law schools in the country, but if a lawyer didn’t attend one of those schools, he or she may still be well qualified. What it really boils down to is their experience representing personal injury cases. Ask about the percentage of their practice that is dedicated to serving personal injury victims. Inquire about their success rates as well.

Excellent Communication Skills

A personal injury attorney must have excellent communication skills. Law involves oratory and written skills, and your attorney must be good at both. When preparing your case to be heard by the judge, the documents that are reviewed must be free of errors and offer a compelling argument. The attorney must use the powers of negotiation and persuasion when it comes to dealing with insurance companies because they often try to limit your coverage by settling claims out of court. When you let your attorney do the talking for you, you can rest assured that you’re being represented well.

Excellent Research Skills

Not only must your lawyer communicate well, but he must be able to research well. Law is a complicated subject. Regarding personal injury cases, he must have a thorough knowledge of civil law, traffic laws, safety regulations and more. A lawyer with excellent research skills will develop the most compelling argument possible based on thorough research.

Upfront and Trustworthy

Your attorney should be upfront and trustworthy with everyone, but especially you as the client. This means being transparent about fees and being honest when it comes to the likelihood of winning your case. You should feel comfortable discussing all of your personal matters related to your injury with your lawyer.

Affordable Fees

A good lawyer is worth his weight in gold, but your own personal budget will dictate how much you can afford. Many lawyers work on a contingency fee when it comes to these types of cases, so you’ll only pay if your case is won. This is the ideal scenario when money is already tight.

As you can see, choosing a personal injury attorney at is not as easy as simply pulling a number from the phone book or an online directory. It takes careful thought and consideration. After all, it’s your benefits and damages that are at stake.

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