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The comparison of cold sores and canker sores

The comparison of cold sores and canker sores

Canker sores and cold sores look almost the same so it is quite difficult to determine which of these conditions you’ve got. The cold sore as usual appears round or on the very surface of the lip. In its turn, canker sore comes out on the mouth inside tissues. Another name of canker sore is apthous ulcer. It looks as oval or round tiny lesion with yellowish or white center that is surrounded by red. Being bulged-in, it looks more like crater, than a tubercle.

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The most popular area for canker sores appearing is inner surface of the lip or cheek, though it can also appear on gums. Canker sores do not usually provoke gum bleedings. If you discovered that your gums are bleeding, you are to visit your dentist in order to get recommendations and to be examined for the condition of gum disease. The majority of canker sores cases are soft. Soft canker sores can disappear without any treatment in a few weeks and are remarkable for one-third of an inch long.

As far as canker sores can usually heal themselves your dentist will probably prescribe you some kind of mouth rinse and proper paste for lesion applying. Refer to a dentist in LA or any other state on map here to know what can be done in your clinical situation.
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The size of the majority of apthous ulcers is larger than 10 mm. The healing can last more than a month and after recovering it can provoke scarring. So if your canker sore stayed for too long (more than two weeks) you are to visit your dentist in order to be examined. Large ulcers are the common condition for young adults; they are tending to be of a permanent nature than smaller ones. Herpetiform lesions are the cases inherent to older adults. They represent a number of tiny lesions that form a large ulcer by grouping together.  It is still uncertain what exactly causes canker sores formation, but among the possible factors are: mouth bacteria provoking allergic reactions, problems with overall health (inflammatory bowel diseases, celiac disease), food allergies or even small injury inside the mouth received while dental work or due to dental appliances that fit you poorly.

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