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How to take Cocodamol during Fever

How to take Cocodamol during Fever

If you are having mild fever or temperature and feel that you will have to miss the office and take rest, then you can do so. But if you have some urgent work at office and can’t afford to miss the office then you may rely on Cocodamol. SinceUKis a place where work is worship, if you buy cocodamol online uk then you can save your work day. Thus, in case of mild fever you can avoid taking a break from work. This can be done by taking cocodamol tablet.

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How to take cocodamol tablet?

The first thing you must do is order cocodamol online from any reputed online store and you will get the medication at your door step. Since this is an over the counter medication there is no need of any prescription. Once you get the medication in your hands, go through the leaflet and read it thoroughly. This will help you understand the guidelines as available with the medication. Just check out the expiry date of the medication. Once you are through with all this, you can take the medication with one full glass of water. Just make sure that you have taken some food before taking cocodamol. This is because cocodamol with an empty stomach might cause acidity and discomfort. Cocodamol should be taken by children over 12 years and adults. Children below 12 years of age should not take these tablets.

How to reduce side effects of Cocodamol

If you buy cocodamol online uk or if you buy it offline there is no major difference. The only thing is that an online deal would be a bit cheaper as compared to the offline one. There might be a few side effects of cocodamol just like any other medication. You must try to reduce the side effects. This you can do by taking the lowest dose first. If you feel that the side effects are minimal or are not there and you need to manage pain effectively, you can take a higher strength of this tablet.  Sometimes there might be side effects that would affect you a bit and these may include allergic reaction, stomach irritation, low blood pressure, palpitations, nose bleeding, weakness etc. You must stop taking the tablet immediately and talk to your doctor. Cocodamol helps in controlling fever and pain but different people have different effects of the medications on the body. This thing should be kept in mind. Cocodamol contains codeine phosphate, paracetamol, colloidal anyhydrous silica, maize starch, stearic acid. A person allergic to any of the mentioned substances might show allergic reactions in the body. These reactions might include skin rashes, boils, irritation in eyes, redness in tongue etc. You must switch over to other medication during an allergic reaction. Thus, even though a medication is good there are some issues with the same because different people have different metabolism and one can not prevent such reactions. However, people who do not have any problems can definitely rely on cocodamol for fever and pain.


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