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How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

We hear about a lot of addicts and alcoholics who do inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, where the clients live at the treatment facility while getting clean.

how outpatient treatment can help How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

What Happens After Treatment

Less often, we hear about what happens after inpatient, residential treatment. For a lot of people in rehab, a great step down from inpatient is outpatient addiction treatment. In this level of rehab, clients live either at home or in a sober living home, and then participate in a rehab program during the day or evening.

If you are in school, outpatient addiction treatment is a great way to continue what you learned in inpatient treatment, and to still have a good level of accountability as you re-enter “real life.”

If you have children, and are usually their primary caregiver, outpatient rehab is a great way for you to return to that role, while sustaining the sobriety you worked hard for in inpatient treatment.

If you are returning to work after inpatient rehab, attending outpatient addiction treatment after work, for the evening session, will continue your recovery at the time of day you actually need it the most. You can use the treatment program to handle work stress, to keep yourself from hitting the bar after a long workday, and to be involved with a group of peers who are working toward the same goal of recovery while getting back into their lives.

What Balance Looks Like

Outpatient addiction treatment offers all addicts and alcoholics a chance to find balance. Recovery is a very real part of your life, forever, and needs to be incorporated in as a priority. Clients in an outpatient program learn what that can look like in their everyday lives.

In some cases, outpatient addiction treatment is the first choice for addicts and alcoholics when they are ready to get sober. Can’t be away from school, children, or work? Participating in a treatment program that works around your class schedule, or that you can go to while your kids are in school, offers a great option.

The Reality

Your reality includes you going back to work, or not really being able to miss work at all, so you choose a program that you can attend at night, after your work day. From the start of your recovery, after detoxing, you learn how to stay sober while living your day-to-day life.

There are celebrities who have chosen the outpatient addiction treatment route. If you watched Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, you saw clients participating in the inpatient portion of rehab, but on the last day of each season, as clients graduated from the Pasadena Recovery Center’s inpatient program, many of them chose a sober living home and an outpatient program as the next steps in their lives.

With recovery in mind, as the main focus, the clients who took Dr. Drew, and his treatment team’s, advice stood the best chance at staying clean and sober.

Although the show has been controversial, the idea of inpatient treatment followed by outpatient addiction treatment plus sober living is a great model for addicts looking to continue a healthy life in early recovery.

Kate Green works with Balboa Horizons Treatment Services as a quality improvement manager in order to reach those who are looking for recovery from their issues of addiction.

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