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Healthy and unhealthy job types

Healthy and unhealthy job types

The main motive of job is to earn money while using your skills, education and training. Globalization and changing trends have changed the scenario of jobs too. Physical and time bondage is not the limit. The deserving and hard working candidate can touch the paek with several opportunities. International jobs may hazardous for the health of the employee. Here is a brief description over healthy and unhealthy jobs.

  • BPO and KPO jobs

BPO and KPO jobs are very famous in the youth nowadays as no particular qualification in required. Good communication skill and fluency in spoken English with pleasing personality are more than enough to make your entry successful in this professional territory. The telecallers have to persuade the person and sell the product or service.  Most of the times the calls are made on an international level to sell the product. So employees have to wake up overnight because of the difference of the time zone between nations.  This is not a good symbol for health. Employees start facing many serious health problems because of their disturbed sleeping schedule. Sometimes teen start using unnatural ways to wake up the whole night and become a severe addict.

  • Jobs in bottling plants

To do a job in the bottling plant is not an easy task as it requires a lot of technical expertise and experience. The bottling territory produces lots of noise pollution. This affects the listening skills of the workers in their old ages. Sometimes the worker may become deaf in such situation safety precautions should be taken to escape from the listening problems in the later years of their age.

  • Jobs in fitness centers

Jobs at fitness center are very healthy as you do workout yourself while teaching exercises to your students. You get new companions frequently so it curbs the monotony of the job too. There are lucrative scopes in this era of profession too if you are creative and understanding enough to acknowledge the requirements and particular problems of your students at the center.

  • Jobs in the IT sector

Jobs in the information technology have both positive and negative aspects. Software engineers who  create several types of applications. Software  engineers are genius problem shooters. But their long sitting hours at the front of the internet may cause obstacles for their health.


  • Jobs in the insurance sector

According to the American survey jobs in the insurance sector are one of the best jobs as it requires less stress and physical exercises. The insurer must be aware about the latest trends and policies of the insurance sector with outstanding persuasive techniques.

  • Jobs as self employed

The talented and mostly like to work as self employed because they can’t work in the restricted boundaries. They need open premises for the fertile imagination as their creative ideas are the only source of their work pattern. They fix their working hours and earnings themselves.

  • Jobs in the administration sector

Jobs in the administration sector are an orthodox, monotonous job. The employees work in the same fixed hours with same working pattern every day. Regular sitting position can be harmful for the backbone and can cause other muscular problems too.

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unhealthy job Healthy and unhealthy job types

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