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Having problems while deciding which E cigarette liquid to choose?

Having problems while deciding which E cigarette liquid to choose?

Owing to numerous benefits associated with the use of electronic cigarettes, most of the users are switching over to this safe mode of smoking. The key functional unit in an electronic cigarette is e-liquid which is available in multiple flavours as well as strengths of nicotine. Also there are various e-liquid manufacturers which have been supplying e-liquid to the users. As a result, sometimes users become confused which e-cigarette liquid they should choose to satisfy their craving for smoking.  You can take some points into consideration to choose an e-cigarette liquid.

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Look for free trails for the e-liquid- You must always prefer to choose an e-liquid which is made available for the users for free of cost as far as trial offers are concerned. It is because you may be attracted by the packing or other features mentioned on the e-liquid pack but still need to taste it to decide if you really wish to have it or not. This way you can taste different e-liquids and select one which is most suitable to you according to your requirements.  It will also help you to select the best flavour among all the flavours made available by the relevant manufacturer or company.

Amount of nicotine- In case you smoke more frequently in a day, you must choose e-liquid with high nicotine content. On the other hand, the users who prefer to smoke once or twice a day only may go for e-liquid with low nicotine content. At the same time, e-liquid is available with moderate amount of nicotine as well for those who use it moderately in a day. So select the e-juice with apt amount of nicotine content. Even frequent users can also select low nicotine content in e-liquid as it will help them to reduce their nicotine content as well as their addiction towards nicotine. It is all up to you how you like to use the e-cig.

PG or VG e-liquid- The e-liquid is mainly composed of vegetable glycerine or VG and propylene glycol or PG. The working of e-liquid is based on dissolving of nicotine and the flavour. You can opt for e-liquid based on PG formula in case you wish to have a strong taste during smoking. On the other hand, you can go for VG based e-liquid if you wish to have sweet taste during smoking.


Flavour of e-liquid- You have wide range of options as far as flavour of the e-liquid is concerned. You can choose an e-liquid with a flavour that is liked by you most. As an instance, you can go for flavours such as mint, grapes, chocolate, apple, menthol, strawberry, oranges etc.

Reasonably priced and high-quality e-liquid- Whatever is your preference for e-liquid, you must always check price and quality of the liquid. You must always go for an e cigarette liquid which is moderately priced but high in quality. You can check quality and price of e-liquid by comparing it with e-liquids of similar category made available by different companies. Perhaps, internet is the best option for price and quality comparison for e-liquid.


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