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8 Of The Most Artful Cosmetic Surgeries Ever Performed

8 Of The Most Artful Cosmetic Surgeries Ever Performed

cosmetic surgery 8 Of The Most Artful Cosmetic Surgeries Ever Performed

Arsenio Matias – Both Hands Reattached

In February 2005, both of factory worker Arsenio Matias’s hands were cut off in a freak industrial accident. Luckily for him, co-workers were quick to rush to his aid, placing his severed hands on ice and stopping further blood-loss by tying a belt around his wrists and helping to keep his arms elevated.

When Matias reached hospital, doctors undertook an 11-hour miracle procedure, managing to reattach both hands in a single operation. Following a year of therapy and strength training, Matias was able to regain basic functionality, and at a glance, you wouldn’t even realise such a horrific accident had even befallen him.

Emily Stinnett – Full Scalp Graft

Whilst playing in her back garden at her home in 2004, Emily Stinnett was tragically mutilated in a vicious attack by the family pit-bull. Emily had her scalp ripped off in the ordeal and was rushed to hospital for treatment. Because of her age, doctors were initially unable to treat her, and advised that Emily’s scalp had to be retrieved in order for her to undergo cosmetic surgery.

A search ensued and the pit-bull’s stomach was even opened up to retrieve the missing scalp. Following reattachment surgery and several successful skin grafts, amazingly, Emily fully recovered and was able to return to school with minimal scarring.

Charla Nash – Full Facial Reconstruction

Charla Nash made international headlines following her horrific attack by a crazed chimp in early 2009. Nash’s resulting facial injuries included a torn off nose, ripped out eyelids and mutilated lips. In a ground-breaking procedure, Nash underwent a full facial transplant in Boston to rebuild her face.

The transformation between before the surgery and after can only be described as a remarkable work of medical art. Although left blinded by the attack, Nash’s facial features were completely rebuilt, restoring a form of normality in the wake of her ordeal.

Israel Sarrio – Left Arm Reattachment

In March 2004, truck driver Israel Sarrio’s left arm was completely torn off in a catastrophic traffic accident. Following a lengthy medical procedure, doctors managed to reattach Sarrio’s left arm, but unfortunately the surgery led to infection above the reattached arm.

In an unheard-of feat of medical marvel, Spanish surgeons saved Sarrio’s arm by attaching it to his groin, which in turn kept the arm healthy by maintaining a steady flow of blood through the abundance of veins and arteries.

The arm remained there for a week, whilst doctors worked tirelessly to stop the spread of infection. Upon removal of infection, the arm was successfully reattached. Amazingly, Sarrio made a complete recovery with minimal scarring, suffering only minor loss of mobility in his fingers.

Hu Junhua – Age-Defying Facial Surgery

It’s something all too common these days: aging women going under the knife to recapture their youth and beat nature. The case of Hu Junhua, however, is a very different story altogether. Following the birth of her son roughly 7 years ago, Junhua began to age at a bizarrely expediential rate.

In just 7 years, the 28 year old Chinese woman resembled a 75 year old elderly person with sagging skin, excessive wrinkling, a poor complexion and drooping eyelids. Unable to explain or cure her excessive aging, doctors instead offered plastic surgery completely free of charge.

Junhua underwent extensive facial surgery, including a face-lift, brow-lift, blepharoplasty (eye surgery) and a neck-lift. Following treatment, Junhua looked almost 50 years younger and was able to look at her former-self again in the mirror. Exactly what medical condition sparked this curious case is still unknown.

Katie Piper – Gaining More Than a new Face

The former-model Katie Piper suffered a well-publicised, brutal attack in 2008, in which sulphuric acid was thrown over her face. Following the attack, Katie underwent surgery in London, where her facial skin was completely removed, rebuilt with a substitute material and then skin grafted on top.

The extensive surgery was pioneered at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and it is believed to be the first of its kind, successfully completed in a single procedure.

Following a lengthy recovery and follow-up operations, Katie has since fought to raise awareness of burn-victims, taken part in a documentary and most importantly, regained her beauty and confidence.

Her story through cosmetic surgery has doubtlessly made her a role model for countless women across the world.

Lakshmi Tatma – The Marvel of Cosmetic Surgery on Conjoined Twins

Lakshmi Tatma was born in an Indian village in 2005 most unlike any other child- she was the visible twin of a pair of ischiopagus conjoined twins. Previously dependent on her parents for help in everyday tasks due to an extra set of arms and legs, Tatma now looks like a perfectly healthy Indian child.

Her transformation is due to an extensive, superhuman cosmetic procedure, lasting 27 hours and involving more than 30 surgeons working in shifts. Before her operation, Tatma was seen as a spectacle and her parents were even approached by a circus company that offered to buy her for entertainment purposes.

Today, she looks just like any other child. She attends school as normal and even enjoys playing sports with her friends

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Photo Credit: Alex Proimos (CC BY 2.0)


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