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4 Tips To Combat Sleep Problems Without Medications

4 Tips To Combat Sleep Problems Without Medications

Do you find it difficult to sleep throughout the night? Do find yourself staring at the ceiling, listening to the clock tick as the early streaks of sunlight creep into your room? Sleeping disorders, such as insomnia, are common complaints of many individuals.

Sleeping problems arise due to various reasons including stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this problem can lead to other issues, such as inability to perform during your waking hours and developing health problems. Thankfully, there are ways to combat sleep problems, and one of them is by simply changing your lifestyle and routines. You must also keep in mind that taking prescribed medications doesn’t always help address this problem; thus, you must first try to treat insomnia naturally.

sleep problems 4 Tips To Combat Sleep Problems Without Medications

Follow A Sleep Schedule: It is advisable to maintain a sleep schedule wherein you will sleep and wake up at the same time every night and every day. You must follow this schedule even if you are not yet sleepy at night or even if you are still drowsy in the morning. You might find it difficult at first to follow the schedule but after a few nights, your body will eventually get used to the routine. In addition, you must follow this schedule even during weekends. By sticking to your sleep schedule, you can train your body and enjoy the benefits of sleeping the same amount of time during the week.

Be Careful With What You Eat: You have to understand that what you eat can have an adverse effect on how well you sleep at night.

  • Avoid eating food and drinks that contain caffeine and sugar since these can stimulate your blood and hormones which can keep you up all night.
  • Do not drink coffee in the afternoon. Remember that the effects of caffeine last about 12 hours. This means that after your last sip, some of the caffeine will remain inside your body.
  • Alcohol consumption can also lead to sleepless nights despite the common belief that it can knock you out for a couple of hours. Remember that the consequences of consuming alcohol may take a few hours to take effect; thus, you might wake up in the middle of the night to pee only to find out that you can’t go back to sleep.

As a tip, avoid ingesting any of these stimulants for at least 4-6 hours before going to sleep. Aside from caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, it is also advisable to avoid eating a huge meal before going to bed. This may cause intestinal discomfort which may prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

Wind Down: You must understand that your body needs to relax after a stressful day before you sleep at night. With that said, you need to practice a few relaxing routines that can help you wind down.

  • Eat a light snack
  • Perform light exercises, such as yoga, or meditation
  • Take a warm shower

These activities can help ease your stress. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes for your body to feel relaxed and sleepy. Remember that you must do things that are relaxing, somewhat boring, and one that doesn’t require too much effort and concentration.

The Bedroom Must Be A Sanctuary For Resting: You must remember that your bedroom is a sanctuary for resting and sleeping. You must avoid doing anything else. For instance, you must avoid brining your laptop, iPad, or other electronics into the bed with you. You must also avoid finishing your work while on your bed.

As a tip, you must keep the light out. Darken your room so that your body will feel drowsy and relaxed. Using draperies will also insulate your room from heat or cold, and it will also keep unwanted noise out. You must also choose the right mattress which can provide you with proper support and comfort to avoid tossing and turning at night.

These are simple tips that can help you combat sleeping disorders without the need to take prescribed medications. Before you start taking sleeping pills, you must first consider these tips to enjoy a peaceful and high quality sleep.

Kris Lim is a registered nurse who is familiar with common patient complaints, such as sleeping disorders. She recommends her readers to follow the tips listed above and to use high quality mattresses from Parklane Mattresse to enjoy a peaceful and good night sleep.

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