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  1. Please note says:

    Please note, these pictures date from summer 2008. Thank you for your time.

  2. Sib says:

    And it’s malt beer…

    It’s not allowed to drive intoxicated, wether it’s a bike or not… 😉

  3. no says:

    Hey Sib. Technically, they aren’t driving. They are pedaling. Practically, the pedalers serve as the engine for the bike, while the driver is not drinking. Nice joke though.

  4. flemish says:

    We have those in Flanders (belgium-europe) too
    It’s actually rather lame…
    We did this with a bunch of friends on a carnival and stopped after about a kilometer at a put to get colder beer :)

  5. […] Today we introduce you to the Amsterdam Beer Bike, yet another in a long line of reasons to make me proud of my Dutch heritage. The bar seats what looks to be about 14 people, with 10 of them peddling to keep the bar moving as the bartender serves up some cold Amstel Light. See many more photos of the Beer Bike at All Pics 4U […]

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  7. Un bar sobre ruedas…

    Así es cómo se queman las calorías mientras te estás tomando algo :)…

  8. Bike bar in Amsterdam…

    Some how all 10 people pedal and propel this bike down the street. This bike have 10 pars of pedals, and one steering wheel in the middle of the bike. We are absolutely fascinated with this idea….

  9. komal says:

    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable.

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