Animals can always make us fell happy… Because of that, people should take care of them. This gallery contains funny pictures of the animals.. Enjoy these pics, and be happy, because you live together with those animals… Maybe you’ll buy a pet after seeing these photos… :)

Animals in action2 Cute animals

Animals in action3 Cute animals

This squirrel looks like saying: “Are u talking to me? Are u talking to me? There is nobody. Yeah, u talking to me!” :)

Animals in action4 Cute animals

When you’re as wee as a baby ham-ham but have an appetite of a bear, praying for more food with your little pink paws is a surefire trick to get your human to give you more yummies! ;)

Animals in action9 Cute animals

These cats seems to be a twins… They are all the same, except the eyes… When u look at this picture, it seems like there is a mirror between these cats :)

Animals in action6 Cute animals

This frog is so small. Little bit bigger then human nail. The funniest thing about it is that, this is an adult frog :) Can u imagine how small can be a baby frog :)))

Animals in action7 Cute animals

Animals in action5 Cute animals

“I don’t want to seem greedy or anything here, but my pal here wants some sunflower seeds too, and well…could you possibly spare a few more?” *blink, blink* ;)

Animals in action1 Cute animals

Animals in action8 Cute animals

Animals in action10 Cute animals

Animals in action11 Cute animals
We are almost sure, that this cat knows much about IT industry.. It looks like, that she knows what she is doing…. Connecting a hard drive probably.. :):)

Animals in action12 Cute animals

Animals in action13 Cute animals

Animals in action14 Cute animals

This is probably a circus cat… We think we saw it at the circus show last Sunday. If u recognize whose cat is this, u can contact us, and we will help her to come back to her owner… ;)

Animals in action15 Cute animals

Animals in action16 Cute animals