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American comedian, Jeff Dunham

American comedian, Jeff Dunham

Jeffery “Jeff” Dunham is an American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian who has also appeared on numerous television shows, including Star Search, Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents and The Tonight Show. Recently, Dunham signed a multi-platform deal with Comedy Central which includes an order for a television series, a fourth stand-up special to air in 2010, DVDs, and a tour sponsored by the network that will cover 60 different cities.

Peanut is a purple-skinned “woozle” with white fur covering most of his body, a tuft of green hair on the top of his head, and one red sneaker on his left foot. Dunham explains in Arguing with Myself that Peanut is from a small Micronesian island, and that they met in Florida. Peanut’s humor is not based on a particular motif or stereotype, as those of the other characters. He often makes fun of Dunham and often torments and mocks José Jalapeño on a Stick.

Melvin the Superhero Guy wears a blue superhero costume, and is used to poke fun at superheroes. When asked about his superhuman powers, he indicates that he has X-ray vision, adding, “I love looking at boobies!” He appears to have no other powers, however: When Dunham asks how far he can fly, he responds, “How far can you throw me?” Dunham portrays Melvin as unimpressed with other superheroes: When told Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound, Melvin dismisses him as a “showoff” who can simply walk around them, observes that Aquaman has the same powers as Spongebob Squarepants, that the Flash’s super speed is derived from methamphetamine, that the Hulk’s vaunted ability to get stronger as he gets angrier merely mirrors “every white trash guy on COPS,” and makes innuendo about the questionable relationship between Batman and the underage Robin. Melvin’s first onscreen appearance was in the July 2003 Comedy Central Presents episode, in which he had small, black, beedy eyes.

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