What Mysterious Animal Chupacabra Is?

The chupacabra is Spanish word from chupar – to suck and cabra – goat. There is a lot of rumor about this creature which claimed to live in part of Americas because it likes hot air conditions. This animal was first reported in Puerto Rico, than in Mexico, and the United States. Chupacabras are said to kill livestock and tear them to pieces and are often portrayed as a cross between a dog and a wolf. Whatever this animal is or if it is an alien, we have to wait on DNA analysis to create a clear image of its origin.

1 What Mysterious Animal Chupacabra Is?

2 What Mysterious Animal Chupacabra Is?

3 What Mysterious Animal Chupacabra Is?

4 What Mysterious Animal Chupacabra Is?

5 What Mysterious Animal Chupacabra Is?

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  1. dalanda derouiche says:

    mais si vraiment une telle créature existe, ce n’est pas un croisement entre un chien et un loup, elle n’a rien d’un animal, c’est plus tôt un croisement entre un animal (comme le chien) et un être humain, mais regarder la chair, regarder les pieds, se sont des orteilles vraiment humains, les jambes aussi, les genoux et le…regard!!
    s’il vous plait, postez plus de détails

  2. Snookie? says:

    Snookie Whants mush mush….

  3. ano5645645 says:

    Is that an opposable thumb I see in the first picture?! Only human beings have ’em! Must be a retouched picture!!

  4. Ideen says:

    This is an animal from the land of Photoshop!

  5. very good picturesssssssssssss

  6. Scarlett says:

    that first pic is totally photo-shopped and that last one looks likes a piece of art work from a horror display of sorts but the rest look pretty real. i wonder if the alleged “chupacabra” is a new species of wild dog that is rarely seen.

  7. it is good pictures

  8. Keek says:

    The first one is not photoshopped but it isn’t a real animal either. It’s a sculpture. Patricia Piccininis does a lot of anthropomorphic human-animal hybrid sculptures. Look her up, she’s got some really cool ones, some of which you’ve probably seen in spam ads like “real or fake.” The most popular one seems to be the ape dog and her litter.

  9. Brazilian guy says:

    “Chupa” e “cabra” are portuguese-brazilian words!This is a brazilian stupid people legeng.

  10. Steve says:

    The first one is definitely not real, and the others just look like dogs with mange!!

  11. ash- it's not true..this is a painting says:

    it is a painting.not a true

  12. Cherrey says:

    this might also be a local version of what we call in the Philippines as ‘sigbin’ they seem to have the same characteristics and the same hunting methods

  13. Lord Voldemort says:

    I thought that animal was a myth…How come you have pictures

  14. I received your information. Thank you for your

  15. romain says:

    Lool ! rop m:oche le clebs !

  16. Inshan ka jindagi ish tarhaa s vikash huaa,

  17. Jose Rivera says:

    It is Stupid how my country Puerto Rico makes this kinda crap up, this is one of many of the shit they make up to draw any kind of attention to ourselves, this is the land of backstabbers and this place is just stupid, I am sorry to be born here.

  18. Taytum Lovell says:

    um first of all the dark “chupacapras” are just dead mexican hairless dogs

  19. yakubu says:

    is this real I doudt much. we here in Niegria we once saw the picture but the informing is not in line with what I saw on this website that is why doubt I the existance of this photograph.

  20. karla says:

    the pictures are from a mexican dog breed named xoloitzcuintli ,they have almost no teeth,is part of their breed looks,are gentile, friendly and nice ,and its a shame that ignorant assssssholess kill them in the usa….

  21. ktscon says:

    I think it’s crossing a jew with a bandera-ukr and doesn’t matter who is a mother or a father.

  22. chris says:

    The creature on the first picture is a sculpture of a german artist. It was made for an exhibition. The sad thing is not only the fact that so many people think it’s real; In the islamic world it is used by blasphemers to threaten girls and young women: “Stay chaste and obeisant or god will transform you into a rat”.

  23. […] El chupacabras es palabra española de chupar – a chupar y de Cabra – cabra. Hay un montón de rumores acerca de esta criatura que se cobró a vivir en una parte del continente americano, ya que le gusta las condiciones del aire caliente. Este animal se informó por primera vez en Puerto Rico, que en México y Estados Unidos. Chupacabras se dice que matar el ganado y los despedacen y con frecuencia se presenta como un cruce entre un perro y un lobo. Lo que este animal es o si se trata de un extranjero, tenemos que esperar en el análisis de ADN para crear una imagen clara de su origen. Leer mas (Fuente en Ingles) […]

  24. Jawad says:

    This information about the that picture is not true.
    that was a young girl then has been converted to this strange creature.
    We know the real story but no one believe it.

    I just want to say that your information about this picture is not true.


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