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Tips/Advice on Outsourcing a Keynote Speech for Transcription to the Written Word

Tips/Advice on Outsourcing a Keynote Speech for Transcription to the Written Word

In any conference or event, the keynote address is often the highlight of the day. Containing many important messages and frequently providing a helpful summary digest of the conference overall, the keynote speaker has the role of delivering words of wisdom that will set the tone for the whole event.  For those who are unable to enjoy the address first-hand, either due to an inability to attend or sensory impairment, a written transcript can prove to be a valuable resource. It can also offer a lasting record of the speech and allow it to be referred to time and time again.

When choosing a transcription service, there are some important factors to bear in mind. Follow these tips and find the right service for your needs and get an accurate product first time.

Language skills

One of the most important abilities in producing an accurate transcription of a speech is a detailed understanding of the language that is being transcribed. Finding a service that is able to offer first-language speakers of the language of your keynote speaker is a strong first step towards getting a good quality outcome.

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Professional transcribing can be done quickly and effectively


Choosing a service that is based in the country where the event was based also gives a greater chance of finding transcribers who understand the subtle nuances of language, the dialects and idioms that speakers tend to use in talks and decipher regional accents that can sometimes make words unintelligible to people from outside the country or to even the most sophisticated speech recognition programmes.

If yours is a technically specialised area, using an outsourcing service that can provide transcribers who understand the specific terminology used in your subject area can greatly increase the accuracy of the transcription first time around. Even if subject-specific transcribers don’t exist, choosing a firm that offers the commitment to research your topic area can give you confidence of an accurate output.

Quality of output

It’s all very well finding a firm that can understand and transcribe the words of the keynote address, but if the output isn’t up to standard it makes the job of the recipient much more difficult.

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If the output is illegible or unusable, it’s pretty much useless


Our outsourcing company should be able to offer your transcript in a range of formats that are accessible and easy to read. They should also be able to be appropriately branded to suit your needs so they can be easily circulated once completed. Otherwise, you’d be as well to do the job yourself.



For many, the contents of a keynote address can be commercially sensitive and need to be kept confidential. Finding a company that can provide the relevant degree of security when handling your audio files and returning your written transcripts can mean the difference between a worthwhile piece of work and a commercial disaster.

Finding a company that uses a high degree of security encryption when transmitting files between your organisation and theirs can allow you to feel safe in the knowledge that your sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands. 256-bit encryption is considered to be the gold standard – anything less than this leaves you vulnerable to loss of data.



The most important thing in getting your keynote speech transcribed is ensuring you end up with a meaningful and legible document that you can quickly and easily use to share the information with those who need to access it. However, in addition you need to make sure that the company you’re dealing with is able to handle your information safely and sensitively so you don’t end up giving away your data to people you’d rather didn’t see or hear the proceedings.

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