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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is day of appreciation and gratitude for everything in our life. It is time for traditions and togetherness and gets families and family members closer. They celebrate it together and exchange gifts and create wonderful memories of a lifetime. It is a time to rejoice and meet your friends and family to make this day extra-special.

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The most common tradition of Thanksgiving is friends and family getting together, stuffing, turkey and sharing a meal. Most of the people are so thrilled about this meal-sharing that people prepare the menu for Thanksgiving desserts and appetizers well in advance. They look forward to being together with their loved ones. The most common meal served at Thanksgiving is turkeys. How it is prepared is different for every household. Some people go hunting for turkey and then deep fry the bird and eat it while there are others who simply visit the stores and pick a turkey tat fits their group size. While there are others who call caterers and request the bird. This is usually with all “the fixings”. During the get togethers, there is another tradition that has started to go on year after year and that is of watching football on the television. And laughing and making jokes with a large group of people. And for some people, it is about updating your Christmas list.

The time of Thanksgiving Day is considered to be the beginning of the Christmas season and decorating the house and the Christmas tree. This gets everyone in the festive mood and the air smells of celebration. It is a time for anticipation of Christmas. And the very next day after Thanksgiving is BlackFriday. And all Americans look forward to this day because of the amazing deals and discounts that the retailers offer. Thus, another common tradition at the Thanksgiving Day is sitting down with sale papers and encircling deals that lure you. While these traditions were not very popular earlier, they have recently gained importance. This gives a different touch to the festival altogether and parents and children look forward to being together on this day.

Apart from all these traditions, the dinner prepared for this day is sumptuous. There are special Thanksgiving appetizers and recipesthat are prepared. Also, the desserts prepared on Thanksgiving are just so amazing. They include delicacies like Pumpkin pies, apple pies and more. These are sumptuous and do not take very long to make. Mostly, some of the family members engage themselves in preparing some delicious meals for everyone.

Thus, all in all, Thanksgiving is a day for sharing togetherness, joy, sharing a good laugh, affection and love that you have for others. It is a day to appreciate life and thank the lord for being blessed and having everything that you have. Thanksgiving 2013 is going to be one such day and American households are already looking forward to it. And it will be a memorable day for all those who have made that extra effort in making it special.


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