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Should you accept international orders?

Should you accept international orders?

Many online retailers have multiple delivery options for their products including an option to deliver your products to international clients. If you sell your products via one of the large international market places such as ebay and amazon then you also have the option to have your products offered for delivery to international markets. Whilst additional good business is always wanted, it is important to realise that international sales are not always worthwhile. Here are some tips on things to consider before accepting international orders.

Increase Your Business By Accepting More Currencies Should you accept international orders?

1, Delivery

It is very easy to arrange a domestic courier contract to deliver regular shipments at competitive rates. However the international couriers tend to offer discounts based on the volume of sales that you have to that Country. As a result if you do not sell many international orders, your cost of delivery can be very high making your goods uncompetitive. They also have large remote area surcharges that you need to So check your international courier costscarefully before you accept any orders.

2, Duty and Taxes

If your delivery is to a Country that is outside of a free trade zone, you may find that the parcel incurs import duty and taxes on entry. This can dramatically increase the cost of your product to the receiver and create bad feeling if they are unaware of these costs. This is especially important when sending a parcel to Indonesia or any Far Eastern destination. So look into this before you offer your goods to new international markets.

3, Are your goods legal there?

Goods that are legal in one Country may not be in another. An example is electrical items that are not certified for use in a specific market or certain drug etc. You need to ensure that your items are legal before you start to market them there.

4, Can you communicate in their language?

When you are selling a product to a Country that speaks a different language, it presents multiple challenges. These should all be considered before attempting to sell there.
A, Your product information should be provided in their local language for customers ease.
B, Can you understand any questions or queries that come and reply to them promptly in their language. Obviously you want to provide a high level of customer service and if you cannot do this it will affect your reviews and bad reviews can reduce your local sales.

On the positive side if you are able to offer your products to international clients you have a much larger potential marketplace and if you get it right, your sales volumes can dramatically increase. One tip when you are starting out is to search online for authorised resellers of the large branded courier services. These companies can offer branded carrier services at competitive prices by sharing their high volume discounts with clients.

I hope that this article assists you in working out if your products and company are suitable for sale internationally.


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