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Piercings and tattoos from hell

Piercings and tattoos from hell

Do you like tattoos? What do you think about piercings? Have you got any piercing or tattoo? These people live for it. That’s their style. People can recognize them because of their characteristic look. We sure admire them, because of their braveness, to be different from the others.

bizarre people1 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people2 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people3 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people4 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people5 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people6 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people7 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people8 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people9 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people10 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people11 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people12 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people13 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people14 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people15 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people16 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people17 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people18 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people19 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people20 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people21 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people22 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people23 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people24 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people25 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people26 Piercings and tattoos from hell

bizarre people27 Piercings and tattoos from hell


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  1. avatar comment-top

    What should I say for these people .
    First they are brave to mod their bodies as it gives pain .
    But after the enormous pain they got what they wanted .
    I respect their thoughts 😀

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  3. avatar comment-top

    These people must have gone through SOO much pain!! I wonder if they did it just to be on the spotlight. well there not! I would NEVER date one of them! They look horrible! but i have some repect for them. There pretty brave to do that. Get a LIFE!

  4. avatar comment-top

    vomit** eww ahh where do u find these people ughhh

  5. avatar comment-top

    Looks like Halloween every night for some of these freaks

  6. avatar comment-top

    Well at least they got some of the fucking idiots on one page. Problem is the photographers are just feeding into their attention seeking game.

  7. avatar comment-top

    Vaya manera de echar a perder la vida…

  8. avatar comment-top

    Jesus Christ loves them, so who gives a flipping rip what you think? You’re probably more of a freak than you accuse of them being.

  9. avatar comment-top

    These people are CRAZY why would they mess up their bodies to be the laughing stock of the centry. They should be trying to find ways to get those piercing and tattoos removed. Most of theses people dont even have places to live, but can spend thousands of dollar on the BS.

    *I pray for your guys:)

  10. avatar comment-top

    its sad that people judge people like this. piercing is most certainly an addiction. an addiction i used to have myself. and for people who do not have the addiction, it’s mearly just a way of self expression. these people have my ut-most respect.

  11. avatar comment-top

    Yall aree so prettyyy, jusss sayingg ;were all uniquee in our own ways

  12. avatar comment-top

    These insecure children need to grow up and stop trying so damn hard to be different by neurotic self-mutilation. Here’s an idea, try standing out by your personality and not your looks. This is as bad if not worse than the large portion of society who is obsessed with plastic surgery trying to fit some unnatural image. Just pathetic.

  13. avatar comment-top

    Everyone is entitled to do what they wish with their own bodies. I will say many of these people are brave for their self-mutilation though. They must have went through so much pain! (as many of you have already stated) Personally, I would not do anything like this to myself but I will not say that it is wrong or right because it is not for me to judge how other people live their lives. There is no need to call these people freaks or crazy, they just have a different way of expressing themselves that’s all. Everyone is unique and different so why judge? Why don’t some of the people that have posted negative feedback of these people look at yourselves and point out what’s wrong with yourselves. You should be judging yourself and no one else.

  14. avatar comment-top

    thates some f**ked up sh**

  15. avatar comment-top

    why would you want to ruin your face and body like that! i think that its stupid… they had to of been pretty f***** up or doped out on some s*** to go through with all of this. what in the world makes them think that its hot to ruin your body/face image?

  16. avatar comment-top

    this shit is stupid

  17. avatar comment-top

    You are all FREAKS!!!

  18. avatar
    Clint Page 775-450-3211 Says:
    February 10th, 2012 at 8:23 PM

    YOu guys are all GROSS AND UGLY AS SHIT!

  19. avatar comment-top

    Looks like these people will never have a real job. In a few years some of them may regret the giant HOLES in their faces.

  20. avatar comment-top

    Ugly and really stupid

  21. avatar comment-top

    27 less people, I have to fight, for a job.

  22. avatar comment-top

    these people just deserve to go nowhere in life like wtf are you doing to yourself??? all these people must be mentally retarded

  23. avatar comment-top

    This is the craziest thing I have ever seen in my whole life you guys are crazy. You guys need help now what gonna happen when you get old. Are you guys planing on staying that way for your whole life. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU PEOPLE.. YOU GUYS HURTED MY EYES… YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY BELLY…

  24. avatar comment-top

    I Have respect for those who actually have a reason for doing this. But Those who know they don’t shame on you.
    Hope you learn to grow up one day..

  25. avatar comment-top

    cool, but like OUCH!!!!!

  26. avatar comment-top

    nothing against any of those people but what makes them want to mod themselves to the extreme, making them pretty much not a human anymore.

  27. avatar
    brittanyfrench Says:
    May 4th, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    ok, it’s there choice you got a problem with it keep it to your self. if that was you, you wouldn’t want to be called a freak or idiot. it’s there choice you can just suck it up and deal with it. and actually there are some girls out there who would. but you don’t have to prodcast on here that i won’t date him. you’re looking on this page for a reason so back up. i respect each and every person who did that. you found your hobby that’s all that matters, forget everybody who’s trippin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides it’s there life not yours

  28. avatar
    Self righteus fools Says:
    May 10th, 2012 at 10:51 AM

    You speak of praying and accuse in the same sentence, i feel sorry for all you fools who think you are somehow better than the next human being, be it because religion or social status… I don´t think most of these are attractive, and i bet most of them have jobs. But what makes me sick are two-faced moralguards who speak in the name of some god. After all religions are supposed to be about peace,and accepting one another like they are. FOOOLS !!!!

  29. avatar
    Self righteus fools Says:
    May 10th, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    Hurted ? are you being serious, im not english or american but READING THAT KIND OF GRAMMAR HURTEDEDEDED MY EYEYEYEYS

  30. avatar comment-top

    It doesnt make any sense to modify your body and such a way…..everyone is unique in their own ways and maybe some of them can only express themselves like that but to me its retarded as f**k and I will never do it in a million yrs.

  31. avatar comment-top

    And if any of you disagree with that or have any questions,comments,or concerns please notify me about it.

  32. avatar comment-top

    All this is great so long as they understand, and I am sure they do now if they did not before, that they will be boxed to the sub-cultures of society. Not a bad thing if that is where you are comfortable and choose to be. But this type of expression is a long way from being accepted and if your choice of expression can not be concelled (i.e. facial tattoos and such) and you have a change of heart and decide to become part of the “mainstream” workforce, that option is no longer avaialbe as most employers do not want this type of expression to be the face of thier business.

    Now I know many will say that they do not want to be part of the “mainstream” anyway so who cares. One thing I know for sure in life is that things change. It may be small in some cases and large in others but everyone changes. But it is the unexpeced developments that bring about the most change. This could be kids, near death experience, religion or any other number of things. If you decide you want something different out of life for yourself or someone else, like a child, you just made it nearly impossible.

    Just my 2 cents…

  33. avatar comment-top

    god must love crazy stupid peaple .he made so many of them.

  34. avatar comment-top

    I used to be into the piercings, im still into tattoos. Everyone expresses themselves differently. Ive had many piercings, tattoos, AND STILL SERVED IN THE ARMY! I fought for your fuckers country. Im a 19K. TANKER. Served In Fort Bliss Texas. Now because I Used to be like these people and fought for your country am I a Freak Or a hero. YOU DECIDE. I guarantee these people probably work at a tattoo and/or piercing shop and probably own a shop. Who are you guys to judge? Go look in the mirror and find whats wrong with yourself. If you say nothing, then you are full of yourself, nobody is perfect.

  35. avatar comment-top

    You people are just plain pathetic. Except the one woman on here with the love life tattoo which i would fuck because she didn’t go overboard she didnt ruin herself and still maintains a sex appeal. I am not to judge tho that is for god to do. and you worthless pieces of shit will all rot in hell fuck you losers. go do some more drugs n think a some dumb shit go shoot yourself and end it now. the shit aint cool its terrible. i wish i could beat the shit outta each one of you fucking lames. besides the one woman i mentioned previously. i hate ugly and demonic type things you are all destined for a lifetime n hell atleast i wont have to ever see you again. and if you are the type to judge ask for my personal info and i will give it to you and you will see what a actual billonaire that treats his body like a temple looks like model and professional boxer father of a wonderful child. goodnight you fuckin lames. and goodmorning love life. mwah.

  36. avatar comment-top

    anyone who made a positive comment or actually think this is the thing to do can go fuck themselves. dont feel sorry for these ignorant ass people. they arent excepted and thats it they can go fuck themselves as well. i swear ugly people and misfits cuz they got fucked up parents . all of them are pieces of shit. i walk all over this lame shit. and i fuck people up n the boxing ring and my father was a sniper do the math. add it up however you like if i ever see any of you besides the one i mentioned if your a male i swear i wont say shit to you im going to fuck you up so you can be furthur self mutulated. fuck you all.

  37. avatar
    Gregoria Teve Says:
    November 8th, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    seriously.. i think this is sick.. :))

  38. avatar comment-top

    Yikes… Sorry guys, we’re not hiring right now.

  39. avatar comment-top

    the others are pretty sick but their were about 3 that were not to bad one of them was just one septum peircing seriously how is that disgusting? compared to the other ones 3 of them looked normal!! and their not freaks they are humans like you if they are freaks you are as well sure its odd i personally wouldent peirce/tattoo my face up like that but hey! im sure they had their reasons!

  40. avatar comment-top

    That slim girl with the cleavage is alright by me and not all that extreme, though I wouldn’t date her in public much.

  41. avatar comment-top

    A few of those look to be only temporary tattoos, like the aforementioned babe with “Love Life” over her assets. Looks too clean and bright to be a fixed tattoo.


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