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Bike Messengers Versus Cars: Can We Just Share the Road?

Bike Messengers Versus Cars: Can We Just Share the Road?

2586515554 abf2d87618 n 300x225 Bike Messengers Versus Cars: Can We Just Share the Road?Bike Messengers Versus Cars: Can We Just Share the Road?

As more cities across the country adopt friendlier attitudes toward bicyclists, drivers now face the challenge of learning to share the roadways with bike messengers. Bike messengers carry out important duties throughout the work days.

They are no different than any other worker who relies on transportation to carry out their work duties, except that they ride bicycles rather than drive cars and trucks. As such, they should be shown the same amount of courtesy and attention as other motorists on the roads today.

However, there have been cases of major hostility between motorist and bike messenger, especially in New York. In a tragic accident that took place at the end of the summer, a road rage incident between a New York taxi cab driver and an irate bike messenger resulted in the maiming of a British tourist. In cases similar to this, victims are encouraged to consult with a New York accident lawyer to help resolve the issue accordingly.

In the meantime, if drivers really have no idea how to share the road with bike messengers, they can take these suggestions into consideration.

a) Give Bicyclists Plenty of Space

So many drivers believe that they can crowd bicyclists and force bike messengers into the curb or up on a sidewalk. They believe that because they are driving cars, they should have first priority over using the road. However, this competitive attitude is in fact all wrong. Most states have laws9033490817 4003a7a747 n 300x199 Bike Messengers Versus Cars: Can We Just Share the Road? stating that bicyclists should be given the same amount of space on the road as other cars.

Drivers should follow three seconds behind a bicyclist until it is safe to pass the bike messenger in a legal fashion. With that, drivers are reminded to treat bike messengers as they would another driver in a car or truck and give them plenty of space on the road.

b) Pay Attention to Signals

Bike messengers do not have the convenience of turn signals and horns to let other drivers know what they are doing. Many drivers believe that they do not have to know what hand signals mean or even pay attention to these signals while they are driving. However, this assumption is dead wrong.

Bicyclists are required by law to use hand signals to indicate what direction they are turning or if they need to cross a lane of traffic.The fact that the bike messengers cannot use light signals does not excuse drivers from paying attention to the hand signals shown to them by bike messengers. Drivers who are unfamiliar with these signals would benefit if they brushed up on what the common hand signals mean.

3328444574 9102c3f047 n 199x300 Bike Messengers Versus Cars: Can We Just Share the Road?c) Yield the Right of Way

When a bike messenger and a driver approach an intersection, it can be very tempting for the driver to cut off the bicyclist and take his or her turn at the intersection when in fact they should yield to the bike messenger.

As with drivers in other cars, people are reminded to yield the right away to bike messengers and allow them to take their turns proceeding through the intersection safely. Cutting off a bicyclist and refusing to yield the right of way can garner a car driver a ticket.

Sharing the roadways with bike messengers is becoming a frequent experience that most drivers will at some point experience. When they want to make sure that they obey the law in regards to sharing the road with a bicyclist, drivers can remember these important steps. These steps will ensure that they and the bike messenger remain safe and that both avoid getting ticketed for traffic infractions.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and freelance writer. She contributes this article to explore ways for motorist and bike messengers to safely share the road. New York accident lawyer firms see the result of hostile driving between motorist, cyclist and pedestrians on a regular basis. With that in mind, they are dedicated to defending the legal rights of individuals adversely affected by these accidents. 

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