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Ride or Slide: 5 Smart Choices For Motorcycle Apparel

Ride or Slide: 5 Smart Choices For Motorcycle Apparel

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Ride or Slide: 5 Smart Choices For Motorcycle Apparel

Within the motorcycle community there is a saying: “Dress for the slide, not the ride.” This simple statement holds a lot of truth for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle on a regular basis. Many people love the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. The heat of the sun against your skin, the feel of the wind on your face, even the grit that you can taste after being on the road for a long time are all a thrill. However, these same people jump on their motorcycles in a pair of cut-off jeans, tank top and flip flops- a deadly combination.

Motorcycle accidents are more serious than car accidents because the driver does not have the same physical protections that automobile drivers benefit from during the crash. If the motorcyclist is not properly dressed, the injuries can be even more devastating, if not fatal. Dressing for the slide is slang for being prepared for an accident and protecting your body.

5 Smart Choices In Motorcycle Apparel

1) GlovesEven during the summer you should at least wear fingerless gloves to protect your hands and give you more control over your motorcycle. If you crash, chances are you are going to be sliding on your hands, causing serious damage to your palms. Hand protection is always the right choice.6379001263 568cc1d56d n 300x225 Ride or Slide: 5 Smart Choices For Motorcycle Apparel

2) Helmet – Even though many states do not require a helmet to drive on an open road, helmets save lives. The number one cause of motorcycle injuries and death is severe head trauma. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if a helmet was worn.
14622983 68da301665 122x300 Ride or Slide: 5 Smart Choices For Motorcycle Apparel3) Solid Shoes – You should wear solid shoes or boots when driving a motorcycle. Protecting your feet is smart and it gives you additional control over your motorcycle. Flip flops and loose shoes can easily slip when your shifting gears and it can cause you to wreck.
4) Long Pants – You should always wear long pants when driving a motorcycle. Not only will this provide you with protection from the pavement, it will also provide you with protection from anything that bounces off of the road. This also provides protection for anything that may heat up or malfunction on the motorcycle.
5)  Jacket or Long Sleeves– Protecting your body by wearing a jacket, even a light one during summer, is smart. Just like long pants, it provides extra protection during a wreck and protection from road debris.Helmets are the most important piece of gear you can own when you ride a motorcycle. Recently a 22 year old Tampa man died in a motorcycle crash due to severe head injuries. While it was true that he was speeding, the cause of death was officially blunt force trauma to the head. He may have survived with a helmet.

Enjoying the freedom of a motorcycle is something that everyone should experience at least once. For the die-hard motorcycle enthusiast, it is important that you are well equipped with the right gear for protection. When you dress for the slide, you can ride for many years.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and blogger. As a concerned spouse, she is particularly mindful of her husband’s safety as a motorcyclist. During her research, she found to be a great resource for individuals who have been involved in a motorcycle accident.
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