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5 Ways Drivers and Charity Riders Can Share the Road

5 Ways Drivers and Charity Riders Can Share the Road

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5 Ways Drivers and Charity Riders Can Share the Road

Charity rides are a great way for motorcycle riders to combine their love of riding with their love for the well-being of others. It gives people a chance to go out and enjoy the open road while raising money for a special cause. These charity rides take place across Georgia and other states across the nation United States.
Sadly, there are times when one of these charity riders is injured during the event. A South Carolina policeman was killed during a Savannah event that was raising money for the Special Olympics early in 2013. This tragedy could have been avoided if the driver of the car was not distracted.

Since it would be unthinkable to cancel these charity events because of all the good they provide to those in need, drivers of motorcycles and automobiles should consider the following five tips for sharing the road.

1) Following Too Closely – Motorcycles and cars, alike, should respect other drivers by remaining far enough away to make proper stops. While you may be in great control of your vehicle, the other driver may not have the same control. Sometimes safety is more about watching what others are doing on the road.

2) Obeying Traffic Laws – Unfortunately, some motorcyclist believe that if they are part of a charity event or are driving within a 1430167915 0964a9c982 m 5 Ways Drivers and Charity Riders Can Share the Roadgroup of motorcycles that road laws do not apply. For instance, if the light changes and only part of your group went through the intersection, you still have to stop. Obeying the road rules is always the safest choice.

3) Turns Can Be Dangerous – One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents that have been tracked in Georgia are “blind turn” accidents. Drivers turning left, especially if the turn is in front of a motorcycle, can cut them off causing the motorcycle to wreck. Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer groups have seen their fair share of these unfortunate incidents. In order to avoid this type of accident, 3413776852 2333fef6f1 n 300x225 5 Ways Drivers and Charity Riders Can Share the Roadalways look around before making a turn or changing lanes when you are in a car.

4) Helmets Are Your Friend – Motorcyclists should take advantage of wearing a helmet during all charity events to have extra protection. There will be a lot of bikes and other vehicles in this type of event, and it can become dangerous from the chaos. Head injuries are the most common motorcycle injuries, and the one injury that can often be avoided by using a helmet.

5) Motorist Need To Be Aware – Drivers in any vehicle should remain aware of other motorist around them, including motorcycles. For some reason, many drivers fail to acknowledge motorcycles on the road. Remaining aware of your surroundings helps everyone avoid an accident.

The most important thing that car and motorcycle drivers can remember is that they are not alone on the roads. Everyone has the right to use the roadways, and everyone should respect other drivers. Taking the extra precaution necessary to avoid hitting a bike is something that every automobile driver is obligated to do. On the flip side, every motorcyclist should also be careful when driving on the roads and make sure they are aware of the actions of the cars around them.

Charity events as a whole go without incident. With all of the warmth and joy they bring to those that benefit most, it can only be hoped that these rides continue in the future, while remaining safe.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and blogger. One of her favorite sites on the road are charity motorcycle rides. As a native of Georgia, she has seen a lot of these events. With an increase in motorcycle related accidents occurring in her state, Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer firms have been able to provide education and peace of mind to countless individuals adversely impacted by these tragedies.

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