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Transformer Style Apartments

Transformer Style Apartments

With space within major cities and towns becoming ever more expensive and valuable – people are adapting to this change, and becoming more and more inventive with how they use the precious space they have.

In cities such as New York and Hong Kong, instead of building across and around – because of the lack of space – buildings are built up instead – meaning that these cities are more densely populated than ever before. And this, in turn, means that even the smallest properties and even the smallest rooms are seeping with value and investment.

The situation has become so extreme that the solutions are even more inventive than ever before. Keep reading for some incredible examples of space-saving genius interior design.

Gary Chang – Hong Kong

This architect based in Hong Kong, transformed his tiny one-room, city centre apartment in a 24 room complex with the simple feature of sliding walls. Behind all his walls lies more key-home features, but because of the sliding features, each room can be packed away and only brought out when needed. You can watch the fascinating transformation of his apartment on an amazing YouTube video which shows off this genius invention at it’s best.

New York City – Swiss Apartment

So you’ve heard of the Swiss Knife no doubt? The nifty little gadget that actually has lots of appliances hidden away? Well, there is an upcoming trend amongst New Yorkers to create apartments with this same concept and idea. Many of these great little space-saving Swiss Apartments have appliances hidden behind panels and even hidden behind other appliances! For examples, you might have a foldaway bed hidden behind your sofa or kitchen sink! The possibilities are endless – and the final effect is a clean, tidy apartment with no clutter – but with great storage.

The classic Campervan

You can’t write an article on space-saving homes, without mentioning the incredible campervan. Whilst on first mention – this might actually spring to mind old family holiday’s cramped inside a sleeping bag – but that’d be wrong! There are some pretty amazing campervans out there at the moment – both modern and luxurious ones. Not only do you get a great little space saving home, but you also get a home that is completely portable too!

Shipping Container Home

This incredible project is something which could absolutely revolutionize the way we view living spaces and the way we utilize space. This designer decided to create an entire ‘resort’ (so to speak’ using shipping containers. Although the resort is yet to be finished – it’s pretty incredible to see how far the imagination can take you.

Matt writes for door and fitting company Distinctive Doors. In his spare time Matt loves DIY (with a healthy dose of recycling!).

transformer apartments Transformer Style Apartments

Photo Credit: jm3 (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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