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Innocent dolphins get killed

Innocent dolphins get killed

This photos are from Farce Island, which belong to Denmark. This is real disaster!

killing dolphins in denmark1 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark2 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark3 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark4 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark5 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark6 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark7 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark8 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark9 Innocent dolphins get killed

killing dolphins in denmark10 Innocent dolphins get killed


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    Sad :(

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    Actually this is a killing of Grindwhales (cousins of dolphins) and this is happening in Foroe Islands and has benn done for hundreds of years and they eat every last one of them, there is nothing sad about this just people utilizing nature like we all do!

    Hamburgers come from killing cows etc.

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    Do we have an unquestionable, self-given right to ‘utilize’ every living thing around us?
    Every single action we make on this earth is made by choice. We all have a choice.
    If we, as a species are to choose the path of a virus, then we best stop breathing before we suck the living shit out of the planet.

    I find these images sad indeed.
    Firstly and foremost for the animals being slaughtered. And secondly, for the poor choice of the animal slaughtering herbavoirs.

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    Thats fuQked uP reGuardless

  5. avatar comment-top

    As SS says, this has been going for a really long time, pretty much like the eskimos killing seals and others(americans) killing chickens(kfc).
    If you dont like the idea of animals getting killed for food, become a vegan for crying out loud.

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    Tom Pedersen Jr. Says:
    September 4th, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    Looks like a good harvest to me.

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    sabemos que temos a escolha do que queremos ser, se animais racionais ou irracionais, podemos matar a qualquer animal desde que esteja liberado pela lei do nosso país, mas que esse ato é uma tremenda covardia isso ninguém pode negar, de forma grotesca e irrevente… horrível cena!!!!!!!!!!!

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    for crying out loud…the whales are killed in the most human way possible. it looks horrific yes I can agree. but jesus christ check your real facts and you will find out that killing these pilot whale is, if not a necessity, a good meal and only a few hundreds are killed each year. I can nearly bet a mill that almost every protester is a big city man/woman and never really have experienced wild life and are growing pussy’s in their brain…. get a hold of yourself and do rather protest against the chicke, cow, pig factories where they are fed on purpose so the end result is fat creatures who cant even stand up. now thats torture…

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    well.. try slaughtering pigs or cows in water, it wuld look exactly as brutal as this

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    Well we have done this for about 400 years and we eat every last bit of the wales.. There are millions of them in the oceans and we kill about 200-300 a year. It looks brutal yes, but that is because they are killed in the water. I think it´s more humain to kill a whale that has been living a free life, instead of feeding chickens up and then rip their feather out while they are a live. That´s not humain, but what do activists do against that… Nothing!

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    Føroya bjór Says:
    September 8th, 2009 at 9:19 AM

    Where the fuck are the dolphins?

  12. avatar comment-top

    Seriously!.. This is not much driffrent that killing cows for burgers,or something like that.. The Pilotwhales( Grindahvalar) is not a endangerd specises at all!… And there is nothing as annual whalekilling.. There can be many months or years until we get a pod of whales.. And no.. We don’t harpun,hit or stone them to death!.. Almost since we started to kill whales , and that is over a thousand years ago, we have used knifes to cut their spinalcord. But no ordinary knife, a special knife with a blade about 15 centimeters thick!.. When the spinalcord is cut over, there will go about 2-4 secs and the whale is braindead… But now, we are about to quit using the knife, now ” Clever ” people who know alot about the whale, have come up with a new tool.. I don’t the name of it, and I don’t know how it look like but I have read about it!…. As I understand this new tool is a very sharp blade that we put just behind or into the blowhole and press down, and 2-4 sec later the whale is dead…….
    Don’t belive all that sh** that SeaSheperd and Greenpeace tell you.. Learn to be critical to what you read!

  13. avatar comment-top

    Sorry.The blade of the knife is about 15 cm long, not thick!

  14. avatar comment-top

    The argument against hunting whales just shows us how stupid and ignorant people are.

  15. avatar comment-top

    omg :(

  16. avatar comment-top

    Horrible!!!!!! How critical you could be,with those terrible pics!!!

  17. avatar
    Michel Miotto Barbosa Says:
    October 1st, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    this is a disgrace to the culture of his people.

  18. avatar comment-top

    Ss, oh my god i cant believe in what i read in your comment…, first time i saw this slaughter on the tv tears came to my eyes… these are inteligent beings… they feel the same way you do, damn they go to them because they are curious, they want to know us.. they show intelligence, for exemple dolphins besides of us are the most intelligent beeing on the planet.. and these heartless f/cking people kill them because of a ritual.. i don-t even know how can someone sleep after killing a animal like that.. have u ever heard the sound they make when they are in pain? if u heard u can see they feel the same way we do… damn sometimes i-m so ashamed of being human..

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    FaithfulVamp Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 8:53 AM

    wow. all i can say is wow. people get your heads out of your asses. if killing whales or dolphins for food and other uses is so “inhumane”, why is it something that was done thousands of years ago, and still people do it today? and do you see it affecting the population? THEY DO IT SPARINGLY, ONLY WHEN THEY NEED MORE FOOD.
    think about it you hypocritical assholes.
    start thinking with a broader outlook on things, not with a narrow-minded view.
    looking at those pictures doesn’t make me sick, its reading posts by “naturalists” and “conservationists” that does.

  20. avatar comment-top

    I agree with Bruno Cercas. It is so in-human to kill creature like that for food. So many years of evolution, humans have to change this pictures look like stone age scavengers hunting for food. this is not even hunting, it is more like butchering.I pray to god to give these people mercy in their hearts.

  21. avatar comment-top

    It looks so horrible that they killed these dolphins. Is there a way to stop them?

  22. avatar
    Abhishek Kr. Sinha Says:
    November 12th, 2009 at 4:27 PM

    It is really absymal and to add to this agony, there are insane comments attached from the insane people also. If these inhumans cannot fight for those who are endangered and being wiped off from this Earth then it is useless for them to even go through any of the holy books because no act or deed in this world can teach them back to humanity and respecct for poor animals.

  23. avatar comment-top

    I don’t know what’s wrong with these people’s minds. If there were another creatures which will celebrate the same way we do to these whales but to human. Imagine the 15 cm knife in your brain just like you did to them. This is not the way to prove adulthood. We are now living in the 21st century. We should know more which tradition should be considered to be old fashion. These people think just because they are human and they have the right to make the decision whether one creatures should live or die. We have done enough for cows and chicken to make the killing normal. Killing a living things is not normal. If you think this is normal there must be something really wrong in your mind and the thinking that your generation has passed on.

  24. avatar comment-top

    This is Cruel. Where this world is moving towards?. Man himself destoying the NATURE.
    Bloody Fellows will do such things.

    Poor and Innocent Dolphins killed by this cruel human being.

    Governments& LAW should take immediate action on this issue

  25. avatar comment-top

    This is Cruel. Stop!

  26. avatar comment-top

    this is disturbing, i cant believe this is a tradition and been passed over to generations, it just shows how people are being brought up and what kind of mind setting that they have been trained to, and regarding the comments saying that this is fine, WTF are up with you guys? looking at “the” people just staring over the massacre is very sad as well.. having cows, chicken, etc for food is different because there is already a systematic process for having them as food like how are they being bred, butchered, etc, so it is a far argument for the comparison of this killings and if you are going to kill from nature, tsk, you dont even know how it affects the ecosystem.

  27. avatar
    Common Sense Says:
    February 17th, 2010 at 7:26 AM

    Get off your high horse.

    Despite what people want to believe, humans are animals. We hunt and eat. Just because some people in the world dont always have the luxury of walking into the supermarket and buying “morally correct meat” (a.k.a : meat they have no idea how it got there, but must have be in some kind of ‘I will get into heaven still’ way because it looks all nice, clean and wrapped up … ignornace is bliss).
    Same goes for the Eastern Canadian seal hunts. They are not hunting the seals for sport, pleasure or even so much for tradition. They hunt them because they need to damn well eat, and during the extremely restircted time they can follow the strick guidelines and hunt the seals, they do so they dont starve during the rest of the winter.

    Oh, and I love how short sighted people are. I think these next 2 points prove this.

    “it just shows how people are being brought up and what kind of mind setting that they have been trained to”

    and to go with that now we have the comment :

    “then it is useless for them to even go through any of the holy books because no act or deed in this world can teach them back to humanity and respecct for poor animals”

    So back to my first remark : Get off your high horse, and if you are such a good christian (I am taking a safe guess on that because not many religions bitch as much as they do … except Catholics) then trying actaully knowing the issue and helping these people out instead of damning them for their actions.

  28. avatar comment-top

    Kill them, kill them all!

    We are not the only creatures on earth that kill for food. If this really is a bother, go outside and hug a tree, heck, just make my day and go hug a cactus.

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    hari from nepal Says:
    August 8th, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    Although my country don’t have sea and sea creature but i just love sea animal,
    this pictures just makes me sorrow its very bad,we human just try to destroy nature and natural animals,the result one day we ourself get please we should stop it.

  30. avatar comment-top

    It’s not just the point that they are being killed for food either. Dolphin and whale meat is highly toxic. It contains mercury and methylmercury. The people who are eating this are shortening their lives drastically. And If they can go out and hunt dolphins they can go out and hunt fish, which tastes virtually the same but is a hell of a lot healthier.

  31. avatar comment-top

    we don’t have any right to kill……thou shall not kill.and i love animals

  32. avatar
    Switzerland Says:
    March 10th, 2011 at 2:05 AM

    wow…. ok it might be something passed down from generation but the so were things like slavery and human sacrifice! but these mistakes were learned from …. Dolphins can reach the intelligence level of a three or four year old.. know any chicken or cows that can do that? i surely dont..i mean they are smarter than dogs! im not trying to disrespect anyones way of living because god knows times are hard but TO ME… it just seems wrong to kill such an intelligent creature.. and no matter if you think im naive I think its incredibly sad…

  33. avatar comment-top

    real sad :(

  34. avatar
    justin brewer Says:
    October 28th, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    you should not kill the little dolphins like that you are going to go to hell.

  35. avatar comment-top

    they are fucking retarded! those guys doesn’t even know that those dolphins they killed is much deserving to live than them. And I know that nature will find her way to let you people realize what you’ve done. And you’ll surely pay for this!

  36. avatar comment-top

    Horrible :(

  37. avatar comment-top

    Fuck all those bastards and retards who killed animals!

  38. avatar
    md.naseem siddique Says:
    May 13th, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    verey bed work

  39. avatar comment-top

    its sad but what my people do

  40. avatar comment-top

    Anyone that thinks this is civil is disgusting. To even joke about this is disturbing. We may have done this centuries ago by necessity/survival. Justifying this now is wrong.

    I truly wish all those that drove a stake into these whales the same.


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