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  1. chokie says:

    way too generous with Lawboy

  2. The best ones are Jude Law and Jolie…

  3. lebes says:

    too generous to jolie

  4. Shevonne says:

    Angelina still looks good

  5. nice amazing you thing they live till 2040!!!

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  7. Janet would probably be dead by that year.

  8. coko says:


  9. coko says:

    it would be interesting to imagine how michael jackson would look

  10. Jeff Hoeyberghs says:

    Ever thought of the (more) plastic surgery they will have had by then?

  11. DV88 says:

    That’s “IF” they make it to 2040. Who knows they may end up 6 feet under after smoking pot when their career takes a downturn.

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  13. likalaruku says:

    Lol. How bout another round?

  14. hahahahahaha says:

    you really think people die after smoking pot?

  15. niv says:

    There was a comment that said “it would be interesting to imagine how Michael Jackson would look.” He died since then.

  16. Jessica says:

    And with botox, hair dye and other artificial products, they will look slightly better, if looking fake is what looks slightly better.

  17. homeboy says:


  18. homeboy says:


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  20. Eeeesh – Lets not forget what science has in store for those who can afford it. Nano tech will probably mean they can stop ageing and even stay at 35 or something…..

  21. Rob says:

    Really stupid & unreasonable set of retouches. 2040 puts some of those people barely in their 60s. Jessica Simpson alone would be 59. These are shopped images of people in their mid-80s. Maybe a little older.

    Granted, genetics & hard living play factor. Fair skinned people & celebs in general usually don’t age the same as that quiet 90 year old asian lady down the block. However, I can’t imagine many people looking that bad at 60. I mean, you’d have to pretty much live every day like Keith Richards to even come close. Even then, Skeletor Keith’s nearly as bad as some of these pics.

    I’m of 35yrs & of hispanic descent. My father is 63. I constantly get mistaken for a college student and my dad barely looks 43. Fun to poke the celebs, but this is pretty bad projection.

  22. palamarin says:

    I doubt that they will look like that. Look at Madonna!

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