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  1. Diabolico says:

    Definite fraud. Looks more like a bizarre taxidermist’s hobby job than a photoshop. It is definitely not real.

    You can see that the tail section has a dorsal fin on one side but not the other, which means that the lower half of the body is symmetrical on a different axis from the upper part of the body, requiring a 90-degree twist in the creature’s spine. The yellow eyes have perfectly circular pupils with no iris, which is indicative of standard teddy-bear plastic eyes commonly used in hobby taxidermy.

    The detail is impressive, but not convincing.

  2. Eh says:

    The scales on the chest look as if they where molded someone made the lines to make it appear as if there where scales. its no photoshop. But then again can you HONESTLY say this is not real? not that i believe it is but there is always that fine print.

  3. Hi Hi says:

    I dunno. Looks pretty real to me.

  4. Britt says:

    Fake. If this thing were real there would be flies all over the corpse.

  5. Mark says:

    Looks like Michael Jackson washed up on a beach!

  6. m says:

    looks like it has strips of plaster making up the outer shell of it

  7. Ron B. says:

    This is some kind of movie prop, or something. If it was a corpse it would have flies and other insects on it, and the eye balls would be gone.

  8. Skrimps says:

    Super fake, but still creepy.

    Reminds me of those things in harry potter when they were trying to save there friends in that game.

  9. Virauge says:

    Fake, it’s an underwater creature, but it has an open nasal cavity and no gills.

  10. Hardee Harr says:

    In pic 4 you can see where it looks like a large fish is eating the top half of this “creature”…then the rest of the creature just looks moulded…could have done better. it just looks awkward because they kept the head of the fish on there…

  11. scalz says:

    if it were real they would have showed a pic where they are cutting into it with a fork and knife pulling back some meat like the chef does when he is cookin your steak

  12. bob says:

    i cant remember the name or website of the guy but he builds a lot of sculptures like this. it’s a hobby of his.

  13. DUH says:

    The jokes on all of you. As a marine biologist I can tell you unequivocally it is real, but it’s no mermaid! It’s a rare salt water antheocylist-ostaniopoli. It looks “alien” because it’s partially decayed. What appear to be arms are actually flippers and the nose is actually where a snout used to be, also it is terribly dehydrated. Essentailly, this is the salt water cousin to a sea elephant you’ll find in the fresh water Florida everglades.

  14. frankee212 says:

    Crazy enough DUH is right! But WOW! That is freaky lookin!

  15. tom says:

    Caught one of these bad boys a few years ago.I put it into an aquarium with pirhanas. By morning, all pirhanas were gone and so was this creature and my horse. Go figure.

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