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How to Make Your Interior Design Less Feminine

How to Make Your Interior Design Less Feminine

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, then I want you to ask yourself a question honestly and that is: are you really happy with your home décor the way it is? Is it the way you would have chosen it? And do you feel it reflects your personality or your interests? I ask this question because my suspicion is that for most guys the answer is probably a resounding no. You see the problem is for most of us men, interior design is something we don’t get too much say in. Sure, sometimes our partners might let us pick out a pattern for the curtains or a colour for the cushions, but ultimately if you don’t answer correctly then they’re probably just going to ignore you anyway. And while you may not be allowed to display your collection of replica guns in the dining room because they’re not decorative, you probably weren’t consulted before another piece of blue and white china went up in their place.

I’m generalizing here of course, but look around the home of almost any married couple and you will invariably find that the women are a lot more involved in the look of the property than the men are. It’s an autocracy and I defy you to think of any exceptions where the man has more of a say in the decorations.

So the question is for us men, how do we change all that and create a space that’s a bit more manly? Here are a few things at least that you can do to turn those tides.

Do Some Renovations

Home renovations and home improvements area the area where the man does get a say in the way that their rooms look. While women might take control when it comes to choosing furnishings and furniture, men generally get to decide where and when to put up shelves and to install new cupboards and wardrobes. So one way to leave your mark on your home is to just do a bit more of that and to make choices that will draw more attention to themselves.

Have an Area

If you feel that the feminine items are taking over the room and you have nowhere to display your less socially acceptable items, then you should raise this issue and point out that you have nowhere. A good way to at least make a showing in your own rooms the is to negotiate just a small space that’s yours and where you can keep things you want to keep. At least this way you can get some say.

Take a More Active Interest

To be fair, the reason that a lot of men don’t get much say in their room layouts is because a lot of them just don’t care. If you want to be involved then you need to make sure to get involved and that means being proactive too sometimes. Instead of waiting for your partner to get the next set of curtains, suggest going together or just turn up with them and offer to take them back if it’s a no.

Donna Shepard is a regular blogger who likes writing about the latest and emerging trends, designs and products in the world of interior designing.

interior design How to Make Your Interior Design Less Feminine

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    This room looks so cosy…
    It really feels like home.
    I think I’d like to make some arrangements in my house too.


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