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Girls from fantasies

Girls from fantasies

We can bet that this wasn’t the first thing that crossed your mind when you read this title. These are fantasies of just one man, but we think that you will like it anyway.

fiction2 Girls from fantasies

Fantasy is a popular genre, having found a home for itself in almost every medium. While fantasy art and recently fantasy films have been increasingly popular, it is fantasy literature which has always been the genre’s primary medium.

Modern fantasy, including early modern fantasy, has also spawned many new subgenres with no clear counterpart in mythology or folklore, although inspiration from mythology and folklore remains a consistent theme. Fantasy subgenres are numerous and diverse, frequently overlapping with other forms of speculative fiction in almost every medium in which they are produced. Noteworthy in this regard are the science fantasy and dark fantasy subgenres, which the fantasy genre shares with science fiction and horror, respectively.

fiction5 Girls from fantasies

fiction12 Girls from fantasies

The conflict of good against evil is a theme in the most popular forms of fantasy, such as high fantasy; normally, evil characters erupt from their lands to invade and disrupt the good characters’ lands. J. R. R. Tolkien delved into the nature of good and evil in The Lord of the Rings, but many of his imitators use the conflict as a plot device and often do not distinguish the sides by their actual behavior.

In some works, mostly notable in sword and sorcery, evil is not opposed by the unambiguously good but by the morally unreliable.

fiction4 Girls from fantasies

fiction1 Girls from fantasies

fiction6 Girls from fantasies

Heroic characters are a mainstay of fantasy, particularly high fantasy and sword and sorcery. Such characters are capable of more than ordinary behavior, physically or morally, or both. While they may at first be less than the role required, they grow into it. This may take the form of maturation.

Many protagonists are, unknown even to themselves, of royal blood. Even in so fanciful a tale as Through the Looking Glass, Alice is made a queen in the end; this can serve as a symbolic recognition of the inner worth of the hero. Commonly, the tale revolves about the maltreated hero coming into his own. This can reflect a wish-fulfillment dream, or symbolically embody a profound transformation.

fiction7 Girls from fantasies

fiction8 Girls from fantasies

fiction9 Girls from fantasies

In a fantasy, magic is often overwhelming in presence, although its precise nature is delineated in the book in which it appears. It can appear in a fantasy world, or in a fantasy land that is part of reality but insulated from the mundane lands, or as a hidden element in real life.

A common trope is that the ability to work it is innate and rare. As a consequence, the person who work magic, who may be described as a magician, a wizard, a sorcerer, or many other titles, is a common figure in fantasy.

fiction10 Girls from fantasies

fiction11 Girls from fantasies

fiction13 Girls from fantasies


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