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Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Recycling came into the public’s attention about 15 years ago and has been fully embraced – but the newest craze to hit the eco world is up-cycling. Up-Cycling is the process of taking one thing (that is either broken, old or unused) and turning it into something new.

There are loads of Up-Cycling trends out there at the moment, but one of the main ones is making things out of old Vinyl records. You’d be surprised how incredibly inventive people are being with this too, it seems like everything and anything can be made out of these vintage goodies!

Here’s some of the most interesting examples we found:

1. The Vinyl Bowl

The Vinyl bowl is probably the most common creation from cold records – it’s easy to do and so simple and effective. Not to mention, incredibly trendy too! Imagine how good this would look on your coffee table!

vinyl things Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

2. The Vinyl Clock

A clock is a pretty simple thing to make from an old record – as (usually) it keeps it’s shape and the ‘making’ process is simple and quick. You can probably find one of these lovely pieces at a local craft fair of craft store.

vinyl things1 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

3. The Vinyl Book

This is one of the most iconic and creative uses of old vinyl records, and is one of my favourite’s. Great for photo albums or scrapbooks – all you need to do to make your own is cut out a vinyl shape and glue it over the original cover. Extra creativity-points if the title of the record relates to the content of your book!

vinyl things2 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

4. The Vinyl Plectrum

If you want to create something cool and original with your old record – why not opt for making a vinyl Plectrum. It’s pretty simple – and actually you can order them online specially too (saving you all the hassle). There is something pretty cool about playing guitar with an old record!

vinyl things3 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

5. The Vinyl Cake-Stand

This is one for all the food lover and cooks reading! The vinyl cake stand is one of the easiest to make – and is by far one of the cutest, most effective pieces – especially for those who love vintage, kitsch items! Imagine serving up all your yummy cupcakes on this beauty!

vinyl things4 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

6. Modern Vinyl Art

Another thing that has really caught on, is using old vinyl records for modern art. Yes, you read that right! There are some truly fascinating art pieces around at the moment made completely out of the old vinyl records. Imagine hanging this on your wall!

vinyl things5 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

7. The Vinyl Post-Stand

Always looking for somewhere to stack important post? Maybe you should take tips from whoever made this then! This cute, quirky post-holder is made from simply bending melted records into a 90’ angle.

vinyl things6 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Author: This list was put together by DV247, suppliers of Fender guitars.


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