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Charm Beads: A Collection

Charm Beads: A Collection

Charm beads have become increasing popular allowing you to personalise your jewellery based on your experiences and journeys. From brightly coloured glass and precious stone beads, to gold, silver and crystal beads, there are a whole host to choose from. They have been used in jewellery for centuries, and these days they are mostly worn to bring good luck, as symbols of special moments and experiences, and to symbolise a relationship between friends or partners. Charm bracelets encircle your story around your wrist.

There are a huge range of beads to choose from, to scope out and add to your collection. There are beads to represent countries you have visited, pets you love, friendships, graduation – from school and university – and seasons of the year. As the beads are interchangeable, you can also wear a bracelet to reflect your mood, or the time of year. With so many unique beads it is great fun to create a piece of jewellery that stands out above the rest, something that you yourself have designed, and something which is personal to you.

Some beads are even handcrafted, allowing for that extra personal touch; and many of the beads from different brands can be worn on the differing bracelets, enabling you to mix and match as and when you are drawn to a particular bead.


Pandora is the most popular of all charm beads. They were introduced in Denmark in 1999 and have taken off, now being a popular choice throughout the world. These beads are usually made from silver or fourteen carat gold and there is a wide selection to choose from offering you a chance to make your own unique bracelet for any occasion.

charm beads Charm Beads: A Collection

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Truth beads are available in silver or nine carat gold and come in a variety of bright colours, many of which are made with glass. There are over three hundred unique beads to choose from enabling you to make your own dream bracelet. The Truth brand is compatible with most bracelets giving you a chance to mix and match with ease.


charm beads1 Charm Beads: A Collection

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Trollbeads offer over four hundred individual designs for you to choose from. These beads are designed by Lise Aagaard who has been designing these fantastic beads for over thirty years. Each bead is carefully handcrafted and is available in silver, gold, precious stone and pearl. With designs inspired by nature, astrology, the mystical and the magical, it’s possible to design a truly enchanting bracelet.


Chamilia beads uses Italian Murano glass, silver and fourteen carat gold. They have a contemporary twist and are handcrafted to make a unique bead to add to your bracelet. With over five hundred choices available when buying Chamilia beads, it’s easy to turn your charm bracelet into a piece of jewellery that shows who you are and where you have been.

Love Links

Love Links beads are chic and a great way to personalise your charm bracelet. They are made from sterling silver and there are over six hundred to choose from. These are diverse beads with such a wide selection and the perfect gift for your loved one to wear your heart on their arm.

Meredith Riley loves spending time curating her bead collection, she also writes for SpaceNK.


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