Capturing Your Wedding On Film – How To Tell A Story With A Photograph

When you commission a photographer to capture images at your wedding, there are a number of criteria that it’s important for you and them to meet. On the one hand of course they need to make everyone look their best and they need to capture the memories that you are going to want to relive for years to come. At the same time though, they should also aim to take photos that are interesting to look through and that don’t all look the same, and they should make sure that they don’t miss any particular events.

capturing wedding photograph Capturing Your Wedding On Film   How To Tell A Story With A Photograph

One tip that anyone can benefit from when trying to accomplish all this with their photography, is to aim to ‘tell a story’ with their photographs.In other words, they should try to ensure that each of their pictures ‘communicates’ something about the day and maybe even makes some kind of comment. These are the pictures that are the most interesting to look at, but also the ones that are the most artistic and often that will best capture the day. Not sure how a picture can really tell a story? Read on for some examples…

Gazing Whimsically

capturing wedding photograph1 Capturing Your Wedding On Film   How To Tell A Story With A Photograph

If a photographer can catch someone while they’re not looking, but are just gazing into the distance, then this can be a very interesting and very telling picture. On the one hand, our facial expressions don’t always accurately reflect our moods, but on the other it can make for an interesting puzzle letting people attempt to work out what someone is thinking in a picture – almost like the Mona Lisa. Best of all is a picture of a proud Father or Mother looking on and smiling – it’s beautiful and poetic and says a lot more than a photo of someone smiling at the camera.

Likewise though, don’t be afraid to pose for photos by looking off into middle distance or even looking away at the view. It might be a construction, but it can still make for an interesting and dramatic shot that will be a little different from all the pictures of people staring at the camera smiling gormlessly.


capturing wedding photograph2 Capturing Your Wedding On Film   How To Tell A Story With A Photograph

Another way to tell a story with a photo is to get the moments jut after the big event when things are going quiet. The venue after everyone has left for instance, can show all kinds of traces on what went on earlier. This then creates a great puzzle for people to try and work out as they attempt to put together the crime scene and work out what happened at the wedding. A very romantic image is just a lone champagne glass in the foreground.

Another great aftermath shot is to get the bride and groom walking into the distance. This one is interesting because it can represent their new future together and leave the viewer to come up with ‘their own ending’. As mentioned, moments ‘just before’ can also be as interesting – such as a photo of someone stretching out a hand to invite their partner onto the dance floor.

capturing wedding photograph3 Capturing Your Wedding On Film   How To Tell A Story With A Photograph

All these pictures can be highly informative of the wedding and in many cases communicate as much through what they leave out as what they include. If you like the sounds of these kinds of pictures,make sure to hire a great wedding photographer and to speak with them about what you want for your pictures.

Today’s guest author, Riley Peters, is a professional photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in nature photography and takes frequent trips in order to find new sceneries and landscapes.

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