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10 Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photography

10 Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photography

Aspiring photographers are always looking for opportunities to get some of the amazing clicks to add to their collection. While some develop their own techniques with practice, some are often confused while choosing their subjects. It might seem easy, but there are a lot of efforts and planning involved in a good photography. In this article, we’ll talk about some techniques that you can use to get stunning portraits.

portrait 10 Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photography

1 Perspective Transformation

Most of clicks are made at the eye level of the subject. It is must to realize the fact that even a slightest change in the angle or perspective can give really amazing results. You can raise the level of your camera or click from the extreme bottom of the subject to bring some really amazing perspective transformations in your portrait photography.

2. Puzzle Around with Eye Contact

Although, eye contact refers to creating a deep connection between the subject and the viewer, asking your subject to looking off the cameras will help you get realistic impact. When your subject focuses outside the field of camera view, it helps you to click the pictures that create a sense of intrigue and interest amongst the picture viewers. Alternatively, you can also have your subject looking at some point within the frame to give it a realistic approach.

3. Play with the Rules of Composition

There have been many rules laid on compositions, but not many creative heads are able to create a friendly relationship with them. Well, rules are meant to be broken! Consider placing your subject at the dead center or some other creative place in order to get effective results. Also, placing your subject right on the edge of the shots can also create impactful images.

4. Experiment with the Elements of Lighting

Lighting plays a very crucial role when it comes to clicking shots. Creative use of lights can help you achieve extraordinary collection of random pictures. Techniques like side-lighting and slow sync flash can help you create some of the most amazing pictures. These techniques are a great way to embrace the overall appearance of the subject with the help of effective light effects.

5. Look for Interesting Subject

A lot of people get stuck to clicking their family members and friends. As a result, their collection of pictures is limited and unable to show any kind of creativeness. In order to have a good and unique collection of photographs, it is necessary to hunt for subjects from all spheres of life. Clicking people belonging to different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities will help you create interesting portfolio.

6. Shoot Candidly

Some people get too conscious while posing and end up looking weird or unnatural. In simple words it can be said, some people are just not comfortable while getting licked. When you face such problems, consider clicking such people while they are busy in their daily works. You can also ask your subject to pretend to work or move around a bit while you click them. Most of the photographers prefer using this technique to click children while they are busy playing.

7. Use Props

It is always advised to go for theme based portrait photography. Ask your subject to use the prop in the most possible creative way. This way you will have another point of interest in the picture that will make it worthwhile and live. Using prop technique works best with the subjects who ate just not comfortable getting clicked. This way the attention on the viewers gets diverted creating a balanced shot.

8. Focus on a Particular Part of the Subject

You can also photograph just a specific part of the subject. Get close to the particular part and capture it with the best angle. It is also necessary to choose a good angle while clicking any specific body part of the subject. Focusing on a person’s eye, lips, lower body and so on can leave a great impression on the viewer of the image.

9. Conceal Different Parts of your Subject

Playing with variations while concealing the parts of the subject with clothing, light, objects, or hands can work great on the imagination part of the viewers. It will also force your viewers to focus on those parts of the subject that you want them to pay attention at.

10. Take a Series of Random Shots

Set your camera function on the ‘continuous shooting’ mode and let it do the rest of the work. With this feature you can easily create a series of images that will look amazing when presented together. This technique works really well when you’re clicking children or couples.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley (CC BY 2.0)


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