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10 Most Essential Christmas Design Tools

10 Most Essential Christmas Design Tools

Christmas is almost come and gone. But that doesn’t mean that it is too early to begin thinking of next year. In the world of design, seasonal work is best done within that season to prepare for the next. Chances are, you will have things left over that can help you later on, from icons to tutorials. So here are ten of the most essential Christmas design tools to have around.


1. RSS Icons

RSS Icons

If you want something special for your RSS feed in general, or just something to use when you update sites around the holidays, these are fun icons to do it with. From snowmen to Santa, they have them added in with the RSS buttons for any subscription service.

2. Dock Icons

Dock Icons

Made by DeviantArt member petercui, these are sweet and elegant icons that would be a great addition into any layout or project needing a more sophisticated or professional look. There is a richness of color that is really beautiful.

3. Cartoon Icons

Cartoon Icons

For designs needing something a little more lighthearted, these are great cartoonish Christmas icons that also come in mini form. The tiny icons would be great for forums or blog emoticons, as well.

4. Xmas Icons

Xmas Icons

These are also cartoonish, but in a different way. The depth is more pronounced, and the colors are richer. They would work well for a professional design that didn’t mind being a bit more quirky.

WordPress Themes

5. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This is a simple little theme with a clear, night sky and a little Merry Christmas caption with a Santa hat at the top. The rest is a basic grid with plenty of color.

6. Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

A widget ready theme, there are presents on the top header and in menus. Easy to install and edit, you will love this one.


7. Last Minute Holiday Card

Last Minute Holiday Card

Did you put off holiday cards a little late? This is a great tutorial that shows you how to make personalized, professional looking Christmas cards in Photoshop that can be printed, sent to a printing company or emailed.

8. Website Layout

Website Layout

Learn how to make a completely from-scratch website layout with a holiday theme. Does everything step by step, from making a candy cane banner to the side bar. The result is beautiful and you won’t believe how quickly you can finish it.

9. Fresh Christmas Tree

Fresh Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree out of snowflakes on a gorgeous blue, icy background with this tutorial. It could be used for cards, websites, newsletters, scrapbooking and more.

10. Pretty Girl Christmas

Pretty Girl Christmas

This style of art is always great. In this tutorial you will make an attractive girl posing in a Santa outfit. If you have ever had trouble making people or figures, this will teach you the right and easy way to do it.


Be prepared next time Christmas rolls around. These are some great tools to have in your arsenal that will make it easier to create anything you need to.

Jessy is the creativity blogger for Dobovo, the free Ukraine-based app.


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